The 46 -year -old Beckham’s clothing is so good, the white suit is gentleman and elegant, this aura is not lost in the supermodel

Beckham’s charm can be said to be the ceiling of a model, but many partners have ignored his clothes and feel that men like Beckham are very outstanding. In fact, they have good dressing skills, which can make it allowed Personal charm has become better, and it is no exception to Baker Him.

Recently, the 46 -year -old Beckham appeared in the Wimbledon. He was wearing a white suit. He was very elegant gentleman and became a landscape of the field. The shape was handsome and attractive. When Beckham appeared in different occasions, it seemed very rigorous in dressing, and would choose different styling styles according to the need.


The suit is a very enthusiastic item that Beckham is very enthusiastic. Even if it appears in the major stadiums, he will put on a gentleman’s elegant suit. After all, the temperament charm of the suit is not completed.


Although Beckham does not have the same figure as a supermodel, he will use the suit to show his male temperament, and he will not lose the supermodel at all.


1. Beckham appeared in Wimbledon Winding Appreciation

Often the suit of a suit can reflect a person’s clothing, and Beckham perfectly presents the characteristics of elegant suits, gentlemen, formal and tough charm, so the Beckham temperament wearing a suit is also more outstanding.

① Simple and atmospheric white suit


Among the many suit styles of Beckham, some classic colors will be more popular with him, such as navy blue, gray, and white have a high appearance rate on him. And this time it appeared in the warm tennis court, a gentle and elegant white suit is very suitable, and the shape will not be too conservative.

The characteristics of double -breasted self -cultivation

The style of the double -breasted buckle itself is very rigorous. In addition, the design of the waist repair is more capable, and the perfect figure of Beckham is unintentionally highlighted. Charm characteristics.

② Choose naval blue trousers to create blue and white tones

Maybe many partners feel that when the upper body chooses a white suit, the pants must choose black to look more gentleman. In fact, the shape of black can show a rigorous attitude, but the shape will inevitably be a bit rigid.

The combination of naval blue trousers and white suit is more concise and atmospheric, giving a sense of freshness. It looks very comfortable and natural, and it is very suitable for appearances to watch sports competitions.

The length of the pants and the choice of shoes

When wearing a suit, the length of the pants must be attached very important. After all, its different lengths will affect the overall effect. In Beckham’s shape, the length of the pants just came into contact with the upper. This length can ensure the formal sense and make the shape more concise.


In the choice of shoes, Oxford shoes are the most commonly used styles of Beckham, and in blue and white tones, brown shoes will look more tasteful. You have to follow up.


③ The back and sunglasses make the shape more aura

The suit and the back are very good. The shape created in this way will appear more aura, plus a pair of sunglasses that are both practical and can play a decorative effect. Such aura is stronger than supermodels.

Of course, the details of the inside and pocket towels are also very delicate. The use of these items is always around the overall style, so a simple suit style can see Beckham’s excellent clothing. Essence


Second, casual style Beckham likes to wear like this


When creating a leisure style daily, Beckham’s shape looks easy -going, all of which are the basic models of classic, but the shape is still very stylish.

① T -shirt with denim pants -type men

For men, these two items are necessary. Although the style seems simple, it is very plastic. It is not only suitable for different body types, but also the style can also be adjusted according to the changes of the version. Beckham’s choice of self -cultivation version shows his body advantage, and the shape will appear more and more masculine.

The style of the T -shirt does not need to be complicated, a simple white T is enough, and the classic shape can be combined with jeans. If it is paired with a pair of leather boots, the shape is even more rough, and the classic tough guy is perfectly interpreted.


With gray T -shirts with black jeans, the shape looks a lot low -key, but such a combination is still a good choice for men, and it can wear a simple and atmospheric charm.

② Shirt -shaped literary retro

The style of the shirt has changed a lot. It is suitable for different seasons. Generally, the appearance rate of long -sleeved shirts in spring and autumn is higher. When Beckham is matched with a shirt, it is still mainly simple and atmospheric style, but the overall style is still obvious, which makes the shape not monotonous.


The shape of this blue shirt with khaki pants is very classic. Many men who have been over 40 years old will choose such a combination. The shape is full of casual literary style, and the embellishment of a pair of small white shoes is also very youthful.

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