Storm! The ancient Roman relics in 2000 have been used as a coffee table in the United States for 50 years

Storm! The ancient Roman relics in 2000 have been used as a coffee table in the United States for 50 years

According to the “New York Post” reported on the 22nd, an ancient Roman mosaic slate, worthy of the city, can be traced back to the Emperor Caligula in the past 2000 years ago. It was used as a coffee table in an apartment in Manhattan for nearly 50 years. Essence


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On Sunday (21st), in the Columbia Broadcasting Corporation (CBS) program “60 minutes”, Italian marble expert Dario Del Bufalo explained how he discovered this rare cultural relic Essence

Dario described the rocks used in art and architecture in art and architecture published in Porphyry, published by Dario in 2013. This book also shows the mosaic floor of the ancient Roman ship during Emperor Caligula.

This ancient cultural relics came from a ship sank in the ancient times in ancient times. The shipwreck was discovered in the 1930s. Part of the mosaic floor on the boat was stored in the lake museum. In 1944, the Nazis sneaked into Italy and burned the remaining part of the ship.

When Dario signed in New York in New York, he accidentally heard a man and a woman say that the woman had seen the mosaic pattern he showed in the book.


Discover the ancient shipwreck of the mosaic floor (screenshot of reporting)

Dario told CBS: “A lady and a young man wearing a strange hat came to the table. The man told the woman that” how beautiful a book. Helen, look, this is your mosaic. ‘She said , ‘Yes, that’s my mosaic.’ “Dario later learned that the lady was the gallery owner of Herron Fioli.

Fioliti revealed to the New York Times in 2017 that she and her husband purchased this cultural relic from an Italian noble family in the 1960s. The mosaic was then shipped to the United States, and the couple placed it at the home of the park as a coffee table.

Foratti explained at the time: “This is an innocent purchase. This is our favorite thing. We have 45 years.”

On the other hand, because someone proposed that the mosaic was stolen from the museum at a certain time, it was collected and returned to Rome in 2017, and now it is exhibited at the ancient Roman ship museum in Neimi.


Ancient Roman City Site (Visual China)

Dario said that he was sad for Forati, and he hoped to copy one of the original and put her and her husband’s house.

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