The most popular rain -resistant shutter style, these two models are

The most popular rain -resistant shutter style, these two models are

With the continuous development of the shutters industry and more and more shutter styles, which styles of rain -proof shutters are the most popular with construction engineering contractors?The editor of Anhui Golden Rabin manufacturer will tell you.


1. Aluminum alloy and rainfall, blight window

There are two types of aluminum alloy rainfall -proof shutters, namely fixed aluminum alloy single -layer rainstorm -proof shutter, open aluminum alloy single -layer rainstorm -proof window.The aluminum alloy rainfall shuttle window is one of the most commonly used louver windows of mid -to -high -end building real estate.

2. Zinc Steel Rain -proof Blosshand Window


There are three types of zinc steel rain -proof shutters, namely fixed zinc -steel single -layer rainstorm -proof shutters, opening -up zinc -steel single -layer rain shutters, and irregular zinc -steel single -layer rainstains.Zinc Steel Rain -proof shutters are one of the most commonly used shutters in general construction projects.

The above two shutters are the two construction engineering projects that are currently welcomed by the current construction engineering contractor. It is hoped that it will help everyone choose to choose rain -proof shutter window.

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