45 -year -old Li Bingbing wears long skirts with thick belt, elegant atmosphere

Recently, Li Bingbing appeared again and was invited to attend the opening wine party of a high -end fashion brand event. At the event, she wore a black Dior long skirt, which was very elegant. It is worth noting that the thick belt tied to her waist, the waist is thinner than the supermodel.

In recent years, Li Bingbing, the focus of the acting career to Hollywood, has not only changed a lot, but even the daily dressing style has become more Internet.


That day, this black long dress set off her temperament well. The black camisole design of the long skirt was paired with the black lace of the chest and sleeve. She was introverted in sexy, and there was no lack of atmosphere in the grace. The blackness of the whole body does not look monotonous at all, it looks very layered, and it is particularly good to mention her complexion and state!


It is worth mentioning that the black belt on her waist, the ultra -wide belt almost covers the entire abdomen, the leather material makes this long skirt look more textured, and the style of the belt also shows wild fashion! Of course, the biggest use of this wide waistband is slimming. The belt is tied to the position of the chest, and the proportion of the body becomes particularly good. It can be said that the length of the lower body is stretched to the extreme, and the aura is full!


The belt is so tall. Naturally, the lower body does not need to rely on dew to highlight the legs. The skirt with a long skirt has been covered to the ankle, showing the atmosphere! The lower body of the skirt is made of black silk yarn layers, which is very layered, making the whole person look like a black swan’s grace and luxury.

Below the long skirt, Li Bingbing is wearing a pair of black and white high -heeled shoes with 15cm+heels. Under the action of the front black pointed head of the heel body, the whole person’s aura will continue to increase. The long shape injects exquisite fashion into the overall shape. Coupled with the inner hollow design, the entire pair of shoes appears to be eclectic!


In order to enhance the brightness and texture of this black shape, Li Bingbing raised a silver laser bag that day. Under the mapping of the light, the entire bag became five colors, which was very dazzling! I have to say that Li Bingbing is really matching, and GET has gotten this trick. If he wears black clothing is dull, just bring a shiny bag like her!

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