Pay attention to buying clothes! These 5 brands are selling tags, the quality is unreliable, and ducks and ducks?

As we all know, the clothing market is fiercely competitive, and the competition between brands is everywhere. Even many well -known brands have fallen to the point of “selling tags”, so that the other party’s clothes are posted on their own brand to make profits.

Therefore, when buying clothes in such a market environment, you must pay more attention, polish your eyes, and you may buy “fake cards” accidentally.

In order to help everyone avoid pits, today I will take a look at 5 “selling tags” clothing brands, don’t be fooled!

01, Antarctic


Speaking of Antarctic people, I believe everyone is no stranger. As the once hottest underwear brand, it can be described as red all over the streets and alleys.

Since the Antarctic people began to “sell tags”, the money has made a lot of money, but the reputation has been lost. Many consumers vomit:


Now the underwear of the Antarctic people shrinks once, and the quality is not as good as the goods!

In fact, it is mainly because when we searched the “Antarctic Man” online, the clothes searched out were not produced by Antarctic people, but some “fake cards”, and the quality was very poor.

02. Lathallier


As a former women’s clothing giant, it is called

Chinese version ZARA

La Xiabeel has also become a past.

From the perspective of style positioning, simple and stylish, mainly for women aged 20-30, but the style design has no innovation, does not keep pace with the times, and it is difficult to follow up with the pace of contemporary youthful fashion. The popularity is not as good as before.


Now that it has been reduced to “selling tags” to make a profit, it has made a lot of iron powder chilling. A search of “Latharbeel” on the Internet has gradually been forgotten by a bunch of fake goods.

03. Arctic velvet

Do not blow or black, the quality of the former North Poored velvet is absolutely reliable and the price is not expensive. I believe that many people wear warm underwear in their home.

However, the Arctic velvet also moved towards the road of “selling tags”.

The number of authorized shops is not countless, and the quality cannot be guaranteed, resulting in a serious quality problem in the warm underwear of the Arctic velvet

It is not warm to wear, and the comfort is not enough, so it is recommended that you pay special attention when buying warm underwear.

04. Playboy


Not to mention the Playboy, it is all on the Internet. Although they are all authorized genuine products, they are not real.

Huahua Gongzi’s underwear, belt, POLO shirt, shoes and other products are all available, and they also bring a rabbit head logo.

Not only the quality is not guaranteed, but the style design is also outdated. It always gives people a sense of spiritual guy.

05, duck

For the duck -duck down jacket brand, there has always been a lot of controversy. Some people say that it has begun to “sell tags”, and it is also said that they praise the pride of duck and ducks as domestic down jackets.

It is not easy to conclude whether to “sell tags”. But some netizens said they bought duck, duck down jacket,


Tags and bidding are ducks and ducks, but the leading bid is Yayan; even some people bought duck and duck down jackets with the tag address “Anhui”




Today’s clothing market has more brands and deep water. In short, it is recommended that you think about it when buying clothes online. Don’t worry about ordering to prevent buying a “selling tag” brand!

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