Features and differences in various clubs

Billiards are an elegant indoor movement. They all say that a pillar club with good stability and good passing can double your accuracy immediately.

Choosing the club of “suitable for you” has become a very important indicator. Many times they are not playing well, but the club is not selected.

The tablet is divided into three types: British clubs, American clubs and Chinese clubs. The British club is suitable for Snooker’s table balls. The American club is suitable for nine -ball, ten -ball and Karen goal. Chinese table ball;


Small headstone, the head size of the pole is usually 9mm ~ 10.5mm, because the small head pole head diameter is small, which will be better. In Snooker, the characteristics are accurate and fine. The accuracy is high in accumulation. The accuracy of the pole method can be improved, but beginners are prone to problems such as sliding rods and disorder. The length of the club is generally 145cm.

The big headstone, which is generally referred to as the nine rod, has a standard diameter of 13mm, and some of which are 12.75mm 12.5mm 11.5mm. The rotation intensity of the big headstone is stronger than the small headstone. The big headstone is generally used for 9 goals, which is characterized by rotating strong rotation and stable hit, especially when hitting a strong hit; because the head diameter of the pole head is large, the aiming point and the hit point are not precise. Some lost. Most of the front limbs of large heads are maple, which is relatively soft than white wax wood, with elasticity, and a little accuracy. The club length is generally 147cm.

The head size of the pole head is usually 10.5mm ~ 11.5mm. This club is a new type of pole type that has appeared in recent years. The most intuitive difference between the club is the color, material selection and rod type of thickness.


It is best to try it before buying the club. There is no absolute perfect club or absolute perfect technology. You can really know the results until the day you get started.


There is no cheats for billiards, not in three or two sentences to make your own level rapidly, but you can take less detours. Because everyone’s understanding of billiards is different, the one that suits them is the most important, and there is persistence.

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