Dior men’s shoes recommendation -classic old flower series, fast collection

Dior’s old flowers have always been the fashion items pursued by the tide people, both of which represent the fashion and the taste! Its classic old flower design is fashionable and eye -catching. Let’s take a look together!


1.B23 high -top, low -top sports shoes

The classic white and black oblique printing and transparent stitching, black and white color matching is versatile. The details of the classic high -top and low -top canvas shoes, such as holes and straps, white and gray -white rubber soles, reinforced rounders and rear heels. And the side is also decorated with the “Dior” logo, classic and casual.

2.B27 low -top sports shoes


This shoe is a classic item of Dior. The “CD ICON” shape of the shoelaces is clever and exquisite. The two -color rubber soles, tongue and heels all have brand iconic details to enhance the style. Fashionable and versatile can add color to various styles. It is carefully made of smooth cowhide leather, black and white two -color low -key versatile, adding color to your fashion.

3.B28 high -top sports shoes


The new B28 high -top sports shoes are carefully made of littering fabric, decorated with Oblique old flower prints, and the contrasting “Dior” logo is the same color tone rubber soles, showing a unique contour. It can be matched with various styles, showing Dior’s iconic modern style.


(China Fashion Network)


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