You have used the best -looking “flip” mobile phone: Except for Huawei P50 Pocket, who is the first?

I understand it. “Popularity” is a circle. There is never an outdated design in the circle! The small screen mobile phones, face -to -screen mobile phones and flipping mobile phones that were disliked before, and became the mainstream again this year. Among them, the most worthy of the post -80s and 90s is the flipping mobile phone.

At that time, the flipping mobile phone was definitely popular on the streets and alleys, and almost everyone used one or two flip mobile phones. Driven by Samsung, Huawei and other head mobile phone manufacturers, the mobile phone is overwhelmed out of the rivers and lakes. This has excited many friends who have experienced Nokia’s era, and recalled that they had used the best -looking “flip” mobile phones that year.

你用过最好看“翻盖”的手机:除了华为 P50 Pocket,谁才是第一?

Let’s comment together. Except for Huawei P50 Pocket, who is the best phone quality in 2021?

你用过最好看“翻盖”的手机:除了华为 P50 Pocket,谁才是第一?

1. Huawei P50 Pocket: “Full Screen” flipping mobile phone

This sentence is popular in the mobile phone circle, “you can always believe in Huawei’s design”. In recent years, the design recognition of Huawei mobile phones has been quite high. Although this Huawei P50 Pocket is the same as a folding screen phone with Samsung Z FLIP3, its design is obviously more delicate.

From the perspective of appearance, the design of this phone is the same as the Nokia makeup box phone of that year. The difference is that in addition to the full -screen design, this phone also uses a round multifunctional design similar to the dial on the secondary screen. It does not need to open the screen to meet the daily camera, payment and other operations.


Nokia 2720 v FLIP

Memory of Times

你用过最好看“翻盖”的手机:除了华为 P50 Pocket,谁才是第一?

Speaking of the big guy in the design world of the mobile phone, Nokia must have a name. Although Nokia is not there in the mobile phone circle, it is still at the forefront of the mobile phone design. In the middle of this year, Nokia launched a flip phone named Nokia 2720 V FLIP overseas, which was loved by local young people.

Although this phone can only look like half a smart phone or a functional phone specializing in calling, while returning to the classics in the shape, a secondary screen, screen can display time and other information on the back shell Essence

3. Motorola Razr v3: “The most fashionable mobile phone”

Like Nokia, in the early days of mobile phones, Motorola was undoubtedly the leader of fashion. Many of its mobile phones have been rated as “the most fashionable mobile phones” by foreign media, including Motorola Razr V3. This phone is an ultra -thin flip mobile phone made of aviation -grade aluminum alloy, which gives a cold metallic sense as a whole.

4. Backgammon high blue white porcelain mobile phone i6: girl’s favorite

At that time, with the blessing of Song Hye Kyo’s starlight, step -by -step high -music mobile phones quickly became popular. After the popularity, BBG every mobile phone became the first choice for the female consumer group, especially the BBC high blue -white porcelain mobile phone i6. This phone uses blue and white porcelain elements to pull the style full.

It is not difficult to find the history of returning to the mobile phone circle. In addition to the above phones, there are many appearance design of the flip mobile phone full of highlights. I don’t know which mobile phone you have used the best -looking “flip”?

你用过最好看“翻盖”的手机:除了华为 P50 Pocket,谁才是第一?

你用过最好看“翻盖”的手机:除了华为 P50 Pocket,谁才是第一?

你用过最好看“翻盖”的手机:除了华为 P50 Pocket,谁才是第一?

你用过最好看“翻盖”的手机:除了华为 P50 Pocket,谁才是第一?

你用过最好看“翻盖”的手机:除了华为 P50 Pocket,谁才是第一?

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