Ran Yingying rare light makeup is too pure, wearing a bat sleeve sweater over the car, bloated and not comparable to her husband

Ran Yingying, who has caused controversy because of the makeup problem, rare light makeup finally makes people feel her beauty. The dynamic eyes of the deer can be described as adding a lot of purity to the whole person. Knowing a few degrees. However, her dressing style still stays on the level of highlighting her figure. The matching of shark pants is well interpreted by the taste of mature women, but the age -reduced sweater, but it is completely pulled down by the style. It’s bloated, and the aunt feels pure.

Ran Yingying Airport Style: Emphasize the harmonious version, but ignores the characteristics of the figure

For girls with short figures, choosing this piece in the clothing version, there are many limitations in themselves, so traditional slimming may not adapt to individuals. Like Ran Yingying’s body, it uses the classic version of “upper width and tight”, but the self -cultivation effect is obviously not good. It is mainly because the body shape increases the bloated problem. Limitations.


The problem of this body is mainly selected by the upper body version. The starting point of the silhouette itself is right. If it is a basic sweater, it may also create a better self -cultivation effect, but the additional design effect increases the inflating feeling. The bat sleeve allows the entire shoulder line to be thoroughly integrated. For short upper limbs, various complex design problems may increase the burden of the upper body.

In addition, it should be noted that the collar problem is that the short neck usually brings the effect of body compression, which is not conducive to the stretching limbs. The design of the semi -high collar undoubtedly pulls the neck lines very much. The local cramped lines also directly affect the optimization of the overall proportion. The abdominal lines and waist are not only the best interpretation of the body lines, but also the part that is the most prone to expose age. Like Ran Yingying’s rich waistline, it is not suitable for this short top. In contrast The waist items are more slimming.

The matching of pants is actually not powerful. In this shape, thin leg pants are mainly for the reasonable matching of the balanced version, but the ultimate version of the version, while satisfying the effect of reducing the silhouette, also directly exposed the real truth. The leg shape, the disadvantage is completely exposed, and also directly aggravated the bulky sense of the overall shape. This also directly illustrates that the leg shape is not good or carefully choose tight pants matching. The appropriate sense of space release can effectively hide the leg lines. For the matching of Ran Yingying’s tight pants, the long -lasting jacket is needed to cover the waist and abdomen and thick legs, and then it can truly achieve the effect of covering the shortcomings and release advantages.


Cumulative patterns, widen the body horizontally


The presence of the pattern on the cultivation effect is mainly concentrated in color matching and size. The bright color system is conducive to using an eye -catching effect to transfer the visual focus to create a thin and high -effect effect. Easily use the color matching of “upper light and dark” to increase the visual high sense of visual. However, the complex color and lines of lines are integrated, so that the entire sweater is completely occupied by the pattern, while the refreshing sense is greatly reduced, it also expands the modification effect of the line combination. The effect of the horizontal stretching effect directly increases the problem of bloating.

For Ran Yingying, the sense of maturity and light makeup in the body itself has a sense of disobedience, and the positioning of a balanced temperament gap with leisure style is still very good, but the pattern of this shape is still very obvious. For the part that needs to be covered, the waist and abdomen and thick legs have not played a modification effect at all, not only completely lost the advantages of the body curve, but also increased the shortcomings of the shortcomings. The problem of discomfort and body shape is also completely exposed, which also completely expose the importance of body and version selection.


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