“Antarctic” and “Renhe” became the OEM “leader”.

“After getting the tag, you can settle the price.” Xiaofang sold his business confidently.

Xiaofang is an intermediary, but it is not a house, but a brand authorized, commonly known as the “OEM” business. In his circle of friends, there are all kinds of brand authorized advertisements, mainly clothing, and all familiar brands of consumers. The reporter’s investigation found that today, this kind of business is very common, not only clothing, but also medicines such as medicine, and similar phenomena.


Brand goods authorized annual receivables exceeding one billion yuan

The story of the Antarctic people relied on the brand’s authorization “Non -Ben Wanli” has long been a household sea legend. Open the e -commerce platform and search for Antarctic shops. There are dozens of households. The mobile phones have been swiped for more than ten screens. In addition to starting underwear, Antarctic people also include home textiles, outdoor, men’s shoes, children’s clothing, small appliances, and even food.

Moreover, the Antarctic people also have other sub -brands such as Kadle Crocodile, Boutique Teddy, Pony and other sub -brands. Data show that in 2012, there were no direct -operated stores on the street. In 2019 alone, the revenue reached 1.3 billion yuan through brand authorization.

As a result, the reporter added Xiaofang’s WeChat on the grounds that the cotton coat business urgently needed brand cooperation. The first brand to consult was Antarctic. Xiaofang said quickly: “The Antarctic people are suitable, and now Douyin and Pinduoduo are the hottest, and they can do it.” He said that those who do well -style business are sold through e -commerce channels. A few years ago, Taobao and JD.com were the most popular. Recently, Douyin and Pinduoduo became a rising star.

The reporter asked if another well -known underwear brand could be well -behaved. Xiao Fang said that he could, but the authorization fee was too expensive. He didn’t do it. He also briefly described the specific authorization process. First of all, the two parties have intended to communicate. Then, Xiaofang must conduct production qualification review of the reporter’s factory, and achieve a certain factory acceptance and product quality standards. Then, you can pay the brand authorization fee and sign the agreement.

“The current authorization fee of the Antarctic people is 4,000 yuan, plus 3,000 sets of labels (tags). The authorization is used at the end of next year. The price of the label (tag), a cotton jacket 1.7 yuan, 1.7 yuan per cotton pants.” (Tag) What is the price of the reporter selling, Xiao Fang said, “casual”.

In the circle of friends of Xiaofang, the reporter also saw the authorized advertisements of clothing brands such as Kadle Crocodile, Woodpecker, Bin Y Nu, and he said that “the threshold is not high.”

It is more amazing than Xiaofang, and there are some full -time brand -authorized websites. The reporter saw a website claiming that its authorized brand covered more than a dozen categories such as home textiles, home, home, underwear, men’s clothing, women’s clothing, shoes, children’s clothing, children’s clothing, clothing accessories, luggage, outdoor, home daily, personal care, and other categories. The authorization fee given by the website ranges from 0 to 20,000/year. The standard fee is 0.25 yuan/piece to 2 yuan/piece.

Customer service told reporters that some brands that do not charge authorization fees are required to quantitative trademarks. For example, at least 10,000 are set at a time.

In another publicity information on another website, the reporter saw more familiar brands that claimed to be OEM business, such as: Hengyuanxiang, Fugui Bird, Arctic velvet, Yu Zhaolin, Pilkan, and so on.


Pharmaceutical companies set foot in the makeup industry

Business is not only in the clothing industry, but also medical and health products is another industry that prevails. Known as “Medicine Antarctic” is Ren He.

Searching for benevolence on the e -commerce platform, you can also see a variety of products, involving medicines, food, equipment, and even cosmetics. In fact, it is more convenient to go to Renhe’s official website to inquire.

The reporter did his homework in advance, but in actual operation, he still did not expect that there was so many official website. In addition to the official website of Renhe Group and Renhe Pharmaceutical, there are also official website of various pharmaceutical companies. In addition, other brands, such as women Yanjie, Youkan, Shining, etc. also have official website. More information, on the official website of Renhe’s commercial company.

On the official website of Renhe Juju, one of the Renhe Commercial Corporation, you can see Renhe’s five major areas of personal care, beauty skin care, nourishing health, food beverages, and medical equipment. And this website is mainly to introduce its big health franchise product category.

Similar to Antarctic people, Renhe Health also has many sub -brands, such as Yaodu Renhe, Ren He ingenuity, An Qin baby, Yijian Qingxin and so on. These big health franchise products are also mainly sold on online platforms. They use e -commerce, WeChat, and Internet celebrities as the main targets of investment promotion. The website itself also promoted that Renhe Health products have created multiple Tmall categories first. These include Renhe’s old Beijing foot stickers, Renhe 159 meal powder, Renhe Tianshan Snow Lotus bacterial gel.

The reporter found that the newly recommended franchise products on the website are cosmetics. On the website of the State Drug Administration, there is a domestic non -special use cosmetics filing service platform. With “Renhe” as the keyword, more than 600 cosmetics information can be found (partially canceled). Each kernels and cosmetics can find their manufacturers. The manufacturer will have a remark. Many of the remarks are “independent production”. In other words, although this cosmetics is hung with the trademark of benevolence, it is independently produced by another company.

The reporter also used Tianyan to check to check the relationship between these manufacturers and benevolence.

The “Oli Laaya (Guangdong) Jiahua Technology Co., Ltd.”, which has independently produced “Renhe ingenuity Eye Essence”, has some associations with Renhe Group and other technology and investment companies through other technology and investment companies.

The “Guangzhou Poetry Biotechnology Co., Ltd.”, which has independently produced “Renhe Heart Head Head Export Mask”, has some connections with Renhe Group through shares and investments.

“Guangdong Guangdong Cosmetic Biotechnology Co., Ltd.”, which has independently produced “Renhe ingenious seaweed plant mask”, has not found a relationship with Renhe Group. There are many similar situations.


Can’t do a brand, regardless of product quality

Renhe Juhe’s official website, such self -propaganda: “The first -tier brand is recognized by consumers, has strong product premium capacity, and has a high conversion rate.” And on the official website of Renhe’s new retail, they described themselves: “Emerging brand Yaomu Renhehe , Renhe ingenuity, Yijian Qingxin, etc., provide Renhe OEM, Renhe OEM, Renhe’s processed processing, one -stop and one -stop business cooperation service … “OEM, generally provided by the brand, design products, manufacturers produced.

Whether it is OEM, OEM, or processed, the products that consumers see are benevolent brand logos. The reporter noticed that Renhe’s ingenuity and medicine are He Renhe. Although the brand names are different, they all use the iconic red and white logo of Renhe Group. On the e -commerce platform, although the product is printed with the ingenuity of Renhe and the Medicine Renhe, most merchants still emphasize the words “Renhe Pharmaceutical” on the publicity page. Consumers are hard to know about the relationship between these products and Renhe Group.

Shi Lichen, the founder of Beijing Dingchen Management Consulting Co., Ltd., told reporters that in recent years, due to factors such as operating pressure, many companies have embarked on the road of selling authorization and doing OEM business. “Everyone has seen the Antarctic people. The net profit of the OEM business is high, and the cost is almost not available. Many companies are learning.” Take benevolence as an example. In the past, relying on a large -scale advertising investment, the brand awareness was strong. Naturally, I also embarked on this road.

Moreover, Shi Lichen revealed that there are special agencies to go to public relations brand companies now. “They tell brand companies that there is such a way to make money, trying to make brand companies sell authorization, and then they will earn intermediary fees.”

Shi Lichen said that OEM is not illegal at the legal level. The key is how to continue controlling quality while authorizing. “Do not control the quality, consumers are not satisfied. Whether you are OEM or processed, consumers only know that you buy you. rotten.”

The reputation of the Antarctic people has changed subtle changes. It is reflected in the market. In the first half of this year, the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies to shareholders of listed companies decreased by 42.85%compared with the same period last year.


“The Antarctic people have no main business, and his main business is to sell authorization. But Pharmaceutical companies such as Renhe still have the main pharmaceutical medicine. So pay special attention to quality, otherwise more and more products are authorized, more and more complicated, quality, quality, quality Can’t control it, and finally affect the reputation of the main business. “

Shi Lichen believes that the authorization cannot be given as soon as the brand is given, and it is no problem to let it go. It is essential. In terms of publicity, the product must also be controlled, so that the caliber is consistent, not exaggerated. “

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