Pump Fresh vacuum fresh -keeping box is highly sealed, easily pressing fresh

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With the increasing attention of consumers’ attention to diet health, many families have the habit of using fresh -keeping boxes and preservation of food. The use of fresh -keeping boxes can not only avoid cross -pollution, but also prevent food skewers and refrigerators. At the same time, food preservation can be preserved longer. But you may find that many ingredients are easy to receive and deteriorate even if they are installed in the fresh -keeping box, and the preservation time is not very long.

pump fresh真空保鲜盒高度密封,轻松一按延长新鲜

This is mainly because the traditional fresh -keeping box can only beolate the air with a lid and make simple sealing freshness. It cannot remove the air left in the box and effectively avoid bacterial breeding. Food deterioration mainly comes from microorganisms, enzyme reactions, vitamins, oils and other substances to oxidize and absorb water, and these are inseparable from the effect of air. Therefore, the preservation time of traditional fresh -keeping box is usually relatively short.

The real “fresh -keeping box” must be sealed and can be kept well, which can beolate the air to extend the time of food preservation. The vacuum fresh -keeping box brand Pump Fresh 嘭嘭 乐 乐 喜, uses the principle of vacuum storage to improve the fresh -keeping box, and use the “pump can integrated” design to be realized in the 嘭嘭 乐 乐 真 box. The lid comes with a pump, which can effectively remove the air in the fresh -keeping box and keep the fresh -vacuum low -pressure environment. The silicone sealing cushion also makes the external air and moisture unable to enter the container, so that bacterial microorganisms are not easy to breed. In terms of fresh-keeping effect, 3-4 times the ordinary fresh-keeping box is achieved. When using it, you only need to press it a few times to rotate the lock.

In addition, for products that are closely related to the food, whether the material used in the fresh -keeping box itself is also the top priority. Pump Fresh 乐 乐 喜 p uses materials that passed the quality and safety detection of the US FDA. It has not added environmental hormone phenol A and other harmful materials. At the same time, the heat-resistant temperature is -30 ~ 100 ° C. Frozen can also be placed in a microwave oven for heating or using dishwasher. Moreover, compared to the thick and accidental cracking glass material, Pump Fresh 嘭嘭 嘭嘭 乐 而且 而且 而且 is also lighter and portable. It is applicable to bring meals and daily storage. There are many good choices for office workers to bring rice.

pump fresh真空保鲜盒高度密封,轻松一按延长新鲜

In addition, the design of Pump Fresh 嘭嘭 嘭嘭 此 此 此 此 is simple and generous, with a variety of specifications and can store almost all ingredients in the kitchen. The stacking design allows different types of fresh -keeping boxes to be neatly placed and saving space.

pump fresh真空保鲜盒高度密封,轻松一按延长新鲜

During the epidemic period, many people must need to hoard food. Fulled happy can extend the freshness of food for you, so that you can also eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day when you go out.

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