Every year in autumn and winter, the most people look for pantyhose magic pants.

Recently, the temperature has gradually declined, and many fairies have to hug their thighs, and they are afraid of invasion.


It is a good hand to keep the socks in autumn and winter. In addition, trousers are also good windproof items. The appearance rate of these pants every autumn and winter is super high. How to wear more look good, let’s take a look together!



Givenchy pantyhose

It’s the season when wearing socks and various bottom socks. Ji Fanxi 200D, which is easy to wear, is thicker than stockings and a little thinner than leggings. This day is just right. Wear, do not drop the gear, do not afford the ball, show thin and easy to wear three light gray/smoke gray/black, vertical stripes are thin, showing foreign spirit.


New version of Givenchy 1200D

Dark gray/smoke gray/coffee color/black color 2019 new Givenchy autumn winter series 1200 plus velvet thickening

In winter, many people have been used to wearing Givenchy. After all, the four colors that we sell this year are basically three colors. !!!

SP-68v6 magic pants


The average high bomb is suitable for the upgraded magic pants of about 80-140 catties V3! Elasticity, ️ comfortable, ️ thin, ️ versic! A pair of magical pants, a pair of pants you can’t love!


Now V6 is really the better, the better the sell, the more upgraded, but the price is still the same! This magical little black pants are really the rhythm of the fire!

It’s really the most comfortable one I am currently wearing! bring it on!

Let’s Slim 300M Autumn and Winter


Thin stuffy stovepipe socks increase warm and heat ️ Do not freeze the abdomen and hips, buttocks and thinning pursuit of healthy stovepipe, let’s slim300M as a delicate woman with temperature, pantyhose with a bag of pantyhose Thin leg socks not only have the effect of lifting buttocks and skinny legs. Pay attention to the entire socks that add abdomen, correct leg shape, and automatically fever when walking!


Korean Let ’sdiet-5KG electric hip denim magic pants


The self -cultivation of a model, just thin, but you have to have a curve hip, must you have a small hip?

Let’s start with the buttocks magic pants. Put on the hips and immediately improve it visually!

right! Nothing! D cup hip -raising sexy jealm! Hey tonight! National Big Coffee Li Xiang: Sister Xiang lives for the Let ’s Diet!

After wearing it, I feel that the legs are thin with a thin 5kg version. The point is that this is magic pants, and obese people can also wear it.


I won’t be uncomfortable, wearing a white T casual white T, super beautiful, 90-140 pounds can be worn!


Keexuennl Capsule fat pants

️ Bao moms recommend entering a thin waist, hips, long legs, black technology fat trousers, and 19 new models of Kenny Lightning Pants.


Today, Amway is this good -looking and easy -to -wear black technology equipment recommended by Shi Shiman. It has a unique fat -burning black technology in addition to the long and well -proportioned lines, which allows you to lose weight anytime, anywhere. : 80 ~ 140 catties can be worn.

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