What is a high box bed? Is it good? What is the high box bed storage method?

High -box bed is a very popular bed that is very popular with the owner. Not only is it beautiful and practical, then

High box bed, okay?

What is the way to storage in the box? Let’s take a look together.



What is a high box bed


The so -called high box bed is to make the bed high and free up the space that can be stored. The size of the space is equivalent to a wardrobe lying down. Therefore, the owners who just need a house must strive for this space, otherwise the storage will not be enough and will not plan.

Second, the material of the high box bed

The high box beds on the market are basically wood. Most of them are board beds, stylish and generous, so it is easier to receive welcome and economical.


Of course, it is also made of solid wood, which is naturally material, environmentally friendly and healthy. But the price cannot be so friendly. In order to meet the needs of design and different preferences, wood will combine cloth art, leather and other materials to enrich the beauty of the bed. Buying a bed does not have to buy expensive and high -end ones, but be sure to buy the one that suits you and practical.

Third, the way of storage of high box beds

1. Open the storage in the half plate

Many high -box beds now use half -plate opening storage.

Taking figures as an example.

This is a high -box bed, raising a part of the bed, revealing the storage compartment below, and a few square meters of storage, it is really cool! Usually, the miscellaneous objects, clothing, books, etc. at home can be stuffed with a brain. Go in.

Here I also give you a warm reminder. Because the bedboard needs to be opened and closed, it is not recommended to use high and thick mattresses on the bedboard. It is mainly convenient to choose thin mattresses, which is more convenient to reduce weight.

2. The full board is opened for storage

High box beds are high, and the bed is a closed large storage space.

The full -board opening storage means that the high box can fix the end of the bedboard. The bedboard is lifted, and there is a huge storage space below. The large -piece bedding and large -piece clothing in winter can be stored here.


However, once the opening and closing method, once the bed is opened, the things on the bed will definitely be tilted and chaos. The bearing capacity of the bedboard is higher.

3, drawer storage

In addition to the storage method of the bed board, there is also a drawer storage.

Compared with the previous two, drawer storage is still relatively high. You can open the bed drawer at any time and get items. The people on the bed are sleeping without affecting the use of drawers.

The above is the relevant content of the high box bed that I will share. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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