Frequent pants today, Harlen pants fashion matching

What we want to say in this issue is Harlen pants, yes, yes, you have read it right, talk about denim, talk about small black pants, HareFull and not heavy.


Striped pink stripes. Is there any sense of vision?With a little humor, a little humorous, but it looks so harmonious and uniform, it is thin and high -energy.


The common point of the wave dot and stripes is the product of the retro 1920s. The popular ten -year and versatile classics do not want to go up and down. At the same time, with Xiao Haron, they can give people a stylish personality personality.

Xiao Haron’s black calm and capable and a little casual feeling. With a quiet blue shirt, it is simple and elite.


The same black pants are placed with vertical stripes, high -cold and handsome Fan Lixian, and the personality of fashion and street fashion is heavy.

With a red top, the casual style has a calm and stable atmosphere in it. The strong contrast and visual impact have a mysterious sense of danger.

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