What are the good ways to deal with old silver jewelry? Xiao Yan teaches you a simple and practical way

The tradition of Chinese people wearing silver jewelry has spread for thousands of years. Silver jewelry has been deeply loved by the public because of the white flawless and price -friendly. In recent years, with the slowly disappearing of traditional silver jewelry processing stores, many people’s old silver jewelry sleeps at home. It is even more attractive to call it “chicken ribs”. So how do you deal with your old silver jewelry? Xiao Yan came to teach you.


Many people think that the silver decoration is broken or oxidized and discolored, so they cannot wear it without value, and then throw it away as a garbage. Xiao Yan tells you that this kind of behavior is very defective.


First of all, classify the old silver jewelry you do n’t wear. Because silver jewelry is easy to oxidize, many old jewelry is just oxidized and discolored. As long as it is cleaned and polished at the silver jewelry shop, it can restore gloss. Some are because the accessories are bad, such as the necklace linked or something. In this case, you can wear it as long as you go to the silver trim.


Then, classify the old jewelry that you don’t like and severe bad. In the domestic market, there are generally two types of silver jewelry, foot silver and 925 silver. Generally, there are more bracelets, and 925 silver of ringing, earrings, necklaces and pendants are more. Each piece of jewelry will have a sign of silver content. Put foot silver together and return 925 silver together.

After returning to the category, you can change or process it. Some silver jewelry shops will have new activities with old, such as foot silver bracelets, replace grams, and then make up some differences. The jewelry of 925 silver is generally small jewelry, and the labor consumption may be more expensive. Of course, you can also go to the processing store. This will not only save a sum of money, but also make your favorite shape.

There is another kind of old jewelry, which is the old silver. If your old jewelry is the old silver jewelry of the old silver <30 years ago, Xiao Yan does not recommend that everyone process it for new. Many old silver are ancestral biography. Although the value is not high, the historical significance is irreplaceable. If the workmanship is complicated, the collection significance and value can be comparable to gold!


Pay attention to Xiao Yan’s iron bracelet, and understand the secret you don’t know in the gold and silver jewelry every day.

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