Masterpiess to create a little handsome guy: Nautica Nuo Dika boy spring and autumn three -piece set & summer two -piece set

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Summary of Mei Tao baby in front

A lot of clothes for Wahai. The United States is mainly based on Carter, Golden Baby, etc., and has bought some other brands in Meiya. Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica & Other Miscellaneous Brands. I hoarded some of my son. Recently, I feel that the baby can almost wear it, and finally I can take out the light to appreciate it!

I have been exposed to Carter and Oshkosh B’GOSH before, and these two brands of clothes are still very cheap. The size is also very suitable for my baby. We are still wearing Oshkosh B’GOSH with 18M size velvet jacket when we are currently 2 years old. 24M clothes feel that there is no problem wearing another autumn and winter. Intersection

A small wave Carter’s children’s clothing came across the sea, and the details made me Carter Fan … Carter’s Carter and its auxiliary brand Oshkosh b’gosh babies pulo jacket & ski suit …

In addition, Tommy Hilfiger’s knitwear has been exposed. What I want to recommend here is the less well -known WeatherProof in the sun. My baby is basically wearing this jacket to spend this cold winter in Shanghai in the past. Basically $ 10 can be started, cost -effective! (I bought it at 20 knives, I was crying and blind)

物美价廉打造小帅哥:Nautica 诺帝卡 男童 春秋三件套 & 夏装两件套

Self -explosion and self -exposure: Tommy Hilfiger baby sweater & weatherProof baby fleece jacket …

物美价廉打造小帅哥:Nautica 诺帝卡 男童 春秋三件套 & 夏装两件套

Introduction to Nautica brand

A little bit biased. I am going to take two sets of clothes from Nautica today. Let’s first come to a brand profile and copy the introduction of the brand area in the aunt.

物美价廉打造小帅哥:Nautica 诺帝卡 男童 春秋三件套 & 夏装两件套

Nautica was founded in 1983. It is one of the American classic clothing brands. It is now the brand of VF Group, the largest casual clothing company in the world. The product developed from the original men’s jacket series to an international fashion brand. Products Covering men’s and women’s clothing, children’s clothing, accessories and home products.

“The world’s largest casual clothing company VF Group” is very tall? Let’s take a look at the introduction of Du Niang.

物美价廉打造小帅哥:Nautica 诺帝卡 男童 春秋三件套 & 夏装两件套

VF Group is one of the world’s largest listed clothing companies. The company has a series of international brand products: cowboy casual clothing, underwear, tooling clothing, knitwear, children’s clothing, backpacks and swimwear, and so on. Among them, there are world -renowned brands Lee, Wingler, Jansport, Jentsen, Brittania, Vanity Fair, Vassarette, Lily of France, Bestform, Red Kap, The North Facex, etc. Most brands of the company are in the leading position in the sales market of more than 150 countries around the world.

The Nautica brand was founded by a Chinese designer Zhu Qinyu in the United States. Nautica’s name is derived from the Latin “Nauticus” navigation. Its clothing philosophy is advocating marine life and rich in natural colors. Since its appearance in the fashion industry in 1983, the founder and chief designer of the Nautica brand Zhu Qinyi have developed Nautica into a complete life fashion brand.

The above, the popular science time is over.

Although it was founded by Chinese designers, Nautica feels like CK, Th, Levi’s, Lee and other brands. It has a strong American leisure style and involves many fields such as clothing, shoes, bags, etc. The aunt’s station pushed in the station, and it was mainly apparel. Among them, the baby’s clothes accounted for a lot of space, because it was cheap.

What is worth buying in Nauda Nautica?

物美价廉打造小帅哥:Nautica 诺帝卡 男童 春秋三件套 & 夏装两件套

Nautica Nuo Dica Boy Spring and Autumn Three -piece Spring and Autumn

This set was bought earlier. I bought it in 2014. At that time, the Meiya Direct mail service did not take long at the beginning. The experience in Meiya Tao’s clothes was not enough. I did n’t wait for any discount code. Just enter, the starting price is about 21 knives. The Meiya has now been removed.

物美价廉打造小帅哥:Nautica 诺帝卡 男童 春秋三件套 & 夏装两件套

Nautica baby 3 piece zip sweater set, ash headher, 24 months

Look at the real thing. Freshly disassembled bags, and they have not been disassembled when they buy it. Essence Essence Haha, almost tragedy as the shoes that were transferred before. Nautica’s packaging bags are sealed by machines, unlike other brands such as Carter are pasted tape.

物美价廉打造小帅哥:Nautica 诺帝卡 男童 春秋三件套 & 夏装两件套

Sweat+shirt+jeans three -piece set, very handsome. At that time, the purchase of the sweater was more beautiful.

Look at the shirt first. Zipper placket, small lapel, pattern is a bit college style?

back. The printed part of the cuffs and the body stitching are still well spliced, which is relatively neat. Some times of clothes are always inconsistent in the stitching of this pattern, and it looks awkward.

物美价廉打造小帅哥:Nautica 诺帝卡 男童 春秋三件套 & 夏装两件套

Open the zipper, surprise! I thought it was a knitwear, and the result was a cotton coat! I don’t know why I have a feeling of “earning”. The thickness of the cotton is not thin, which is thicker than the Carter’s velvet jacket I bought before.

Many clothes puffed or cotton, but the sleeves are not included; however, the sleeve part of this dress is also cotton. Can’t help but praise again!

物美价廉打造小帅哥:Nautica 诺帝卡 男童 春秋三件套 & 夏装两件套

At the cuffs, you can see that the cotton is available in the entire sleeve. (Selectiveness of the line head, ignore it)

Tags on the jacket. Regarding ingredients, 100%Cotton. At that time, the baby was just 7 months old. I often watched the comments on Aunt Zhang that the doll clothes of the United States were small and powerful, and such a set must be worn with a big one to set it up. I bought it for 24m decisively.

物美价廉打造小帅哥:Nautica 诺帝卡 男童 春秋三件套 & 夏装两件套

zipper. Slightly not grade, not YKK, no brand logo was found.

物美价廉打造小帅哥:Nautica 诺帝卡 男童 春秋三件套 & 夏装两件套

The two big pockets. The baby likes to put things out inside. There is no inner lining in the pocket, which makes people worry about whether it is easy to break after a long time.

物美价廉打造小帅哥:Nautica 诺帝卡 男童 春秋三件套 & 夏装两件套

Beautiful lapel. The zipper is just right, and it will not get to the baby’s chin and neck.

shirt. Simple dark blue delicate pattern.

物美价廉打造小帅哥:Nautica 诺帝卡 男童 春秋三件套 & 夏装两件套

Unfortunately, the shirt is not all cotton, how good it is to change the jacket. It may be because it has not been washed in the water, and it feels harder to feel.

物美价廉打造小帅哥:Nautica 诺帝卡 男童 春秋三件套 & 夏装两件套

There are quite a lot of line heads.

物美价廉打造小帅哥:Nautica 诺帝卡 男童 春秋三件套 & 夏装两件套

The buttons are neat.

The key look like the more checkered checkered! So selectively ignore the line head!

物美价廉打造小帅哥:Nautica 诺帝卡 男童 春秋三件套 & 夏装两件套

jeans. The feeling of the first glance is that the crotch is really long … the actual dressing effect is also the same, tragedy.

物美价廉打造小帅哥:Nautica 诺帝卡 男童 春秋三件套 & 夏装两件套

Ingredient label. It may be a bit unclear, and it is 100%cotton.

There are two farts behind. You can see that the back of the trousers is designed with a loose band, which is convenient for babies to wear. However, I found that the pants that seemed to be on the Nautica brand, Little Boy, had no treatment, just like adults.

The brand logo on the fart pocket is not less, and the wiring is very neat. It is really the same as adult models.

Zipper+press buckle. This zipper is not YKK, but the quality looks better than the top, and it is smooth.

The brand name on the button is also bumpy!

物美价廉打造小帅哥:Nautica 诺帝卡 男童 春秋三件套 & 夏装两件套

Finally, take a look at the effect of dressing. Xiao Wa is 2 years old, 88cm tall, and weighs 12.5kg. Please shoot lightly.

物美价廉打造小帅哥:Nautica 诺帝卡 男童 春秋三件套 & 夏装两件套

You can see that the clothes are significantly larger (the autumn clothes inside are embarrassed). The shirt is not worn. The jacket sleeves are long, and they are pulled one. There is only one autumn clothes and a small vest in it. It looks very empty. Later, when I was worn a few times, it was much better to add a sweater. There is no problem in the shirt. The waist of the jeans is slightly loose, but it can barely hang it on the waist and not fall off. The legs have a long leg and pull it up. The more tragedy is that the crotch is too long, and it is not coordinated to wear. Perhaps foreign baby takes it as a low waist pants, okay, you can only wait for the baby to grow taller and try. This set of clothes is okay to wear the autumn and winter of 2 and a half years old. Whether it can be supported by next spring to see if the baby grows up. Essence Essence

In general, the three -piece three -piece set of more than 130 yuan can be worn for the baby for nearly a year, and the spring, one autumn and two seasons, it is cost -effective!

物美价廉打造小帅哥:Nautica 诺帝卡 男童 春秋三件套 & 夏装两件套

Nautica Nuo Dica boy summer dress two sets

This summer costume was bought last fall. At that time, it seemed to be free to make a single mail. I bought it for a cheap. The price was 5.65 knives. At present, this Miabe has also been removed.

Nautica baby boys’ 2 piece tee plaid short set, turquoise, 24 mo …

Open a bag inspection! Tuck the package quickly …

Simple short -sleeved T. The blue is very refreshing. When I buy it, I like to change the baby when traveling by the sea this summer, cool.

物美价廉打造小帅哥:Nautica 诺帝卡 男童 春秋三件套 & 夏装两件套

100%whole cotton material. Comfortable and breathable.

物美价廉打造小帅哥:Nautica 诺帝卡 男童 春秋三件套 & 夏装两件套

Tag price is 38 knives, haha.

Stroke big pants. Like the jeans above, there is a tight design behind the waist of the pants.

The pants are also cotton, so comfortable in summer!

物美价廉打造小帅哥:Nautica 诺帝卡 男童 春秋三件套 & 夏装两件套

The inner lining of the pants pocket is relatively rough, and it feels panic. If it can be done a little bit, a little smaller, it will be better.

This set of summer size is also 24m, but the baby did not try it, and felt that summer may still be slightly loose, but the summer dress is loose and comfortable. I just hope that the pants can be hung firmly on his small waist and don’t fall off … The thin baby is really distressed!

The last size of the size

物美价廉打造小帅哥:Nautica 诺帝卡 男童 春秋三件套 & 夏装两件套

Under the discounts of various Haitao baby’s clothes recommended by Aunt Zhang, the most seeing the comments on “small size”, such as at least 2 yards, wearing 9m size in 3 months, etc. Wait. When I first started Haitao, I would also refer to the size of the comments. In addition, the baby’s clothes are generally “buy a big and don’t buy a small”, so many clothes I bought are leaned to 1 or 2 codes.

However, the actual buying experience found that these Haitao clothes were at least suitable for my baby, and there were no small situations at all, and it could even be said to be slightly larger. The main reason is that my baby is a skinny!

Therefore, when your parents are in Haitao in Haitao, do not simply look at the age and age corresponding to the size, or simply referring to the personal experience of “big” and “small” in the comment area, just start. The most accurate thing for buying clothes is to see data, shoulder width, bust, waist circumference, etc., but many of Haitao’s websites do not have such a detailed data information, so the more reliable one is still

Reference baby’s height & weight to buy

Essence The “SIZE Chart” next to the Meiya commodity size will be marked with the height & body height & weight of each month and age size, which will generally fit within this range. All kinds of clothes we bought before are within the corresponding range, and wearing it is not small.

物美价廉打造小帅哥:Nautica 诺帝卡 男童 春秋三件套 & 夏装两件套

If you buy summer or personal clothes, it is recommended to choose strictly in accordance with the height & body weight corresponding size. For jackets, general Chinese parents will give their children a little more in it. You can consider buying a slightly larger size, especially after the child is bigger, in order to make the clothes more useful, buy a little bigger next winter. Next winter It can also be worn, or a wise choice.

above. I hope that Bao Da Bao Moms to buy baby clothes to provide some references.

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