DIY wall flower is also brilliant fabric to make wall stickers tutorials

When you are lying on the sofa on the sofa, do you think that the wall of the white flower should be more interesting? Then change it all by hand. Paste a few wall flowers that are made by yourself, and add a life to your family with your creativity.

By the way, your child can also be your good helper, simple plum blossom paper -even if he reads kindergarten, he will definitely learn.

DIY壁花也灿烂 布艺制作墙壁贴画教程

To complete this creativity, prepare some tools: non -woven (selected color), scissors, wallpaper glue or other adhesives, white paper and pen.

DIY壁花也灿烂 布艺制作墙壁贴画教程

Step 1: conceive; use a pen to outline the sketches of the flowers and flowers on the white paper, and cut the white paper flowers as a mold.

DIY壁花也灿烂 布艺制作墙壁贴画教程

Step 2: Cut a small flower and branches on the outline of the branches and the mold of white paper flowers.

Step 3: Use adhesives to stick the cut flowers and branches on the wall according to their favorite styles. You don’t need to arrange it too deliberate. The more natural, the more natural.

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