After changing a bed, I know why I bought a family of coconut palm mattresses, it is recommended that others choose a spring mattress

The quality of the bedding will directly affect your sleep status a day. For example, the mattress is too hard, and the uncomfortable pillow will cause the sleep quality to decrease, and it will even affect the mood of your work the next day. Be careful.

The type of mattress is generally divided into three types, one is a spring mattress, the other is coconut palm mattress, and the other is a latex mattress. I still remember when I bought the bed for the first time, I chose a cheaper coconut palm mattress. I didn’t expect that I just used it for a year, and I realized its shortcomings. Later, after changing a bed, I decisively chose the spring mattress, but now I don’t have any problems.

So which is the best coconut palm mattress and spring mattress?

Let me tell you below!

Coconut palm mattress

The raw material of the coconut palm mattress is the outer fiber of the coconut shell, and the outer layer of the coconut shell is wrapped in brown fiber, so the coconut palm mattress is also brown.

Most of the families who choose coconut palm mattresses are because it has the following advantages:

1. Good breathability

This is mainly related to the raw materials of coconut palm mattresses. The use of natural coconut shell fiber, breathability and humidification will be better. Sleeping on it will not have a feeling of breathlessness.


2. Can protect the spine

The second advantage of the coconut palm mattress is that it can protect the spine, because its texture is relatively hard, suitable for those children who have a joint disease, or they are sleeping on it.

The texture I am talking about here is not the kind of uncomfortable hardness, but to have a certain support for the human body.

Of course, there are certain disadvantages of coconut palm mattress:

1. Easy to grow worm

Because the raw materials are coconut shells, once the moisture will attract bugs, which means that the coconut palm mattress cannot be placed in a humid room.

2. Poor environmental protection

Coconut palm mattresses use adhesives during the production process, and excessive adhesives or poor quality will cause the possibility of mattresses to exceed the standard of formaldehyde.

Spring mattress

Many mattresses used in many people are spring mattresses. The reason why it is called a spring mattress is because the core is composed of the spring. The reason why more people choose a spring mattress is because of its advantages:

1. Good elasticity

Because the core of the spring mattress consists of spring, its elasticity is not a general mattress that can be matched, and the fit is high.

People sleep on the spring mattress. The mattress will be recessed with the human body curve, the waist spring is harder, and the hip spring is a bit softer.

2. Strong and durable


Spring mattresses can disperse the force of the subjects. Even if the person sleeping on it, it will not affect the mattress.

Of course, the spring mattress has disadvantages:

It is easy to cause body soreness


Because the surface of the spring mattress will have rust -proof chemicals, the human muscles sleeping on the spring mattress are in a tense state, which may cause a series of situations such as back pain.


Which spring mattress and coconut palm mattress is better?

In order to understand which two mattresses are better, I will compare them around two aspects:

1. Environmental protection

The environmental protection performance of spring mattresses is better, because a large amount of glue will be used during the production process of coconut palm mattresses, and the cheaper the coconut palm mattress brown fiber, the shorter the glue used.


The amount of glue and goodness directly affect the environmental protection of the mattress. Coconut palm mattresses can be said to be a severe formaldehyde disaster area.

2. Compassion

The comfort of a mattress is also very important. The spring mattress is softer, suitable for those who like to sleep soft mattresses.


Coconut palm mattress is harder, but it is not that the hard mattress is not good. The hard mattress is suitable for friends who are arthropathy or are growing in the body.

Well, I explained in detail about which coconut palm mattress and spring mattress. Let me summarize it again:

If you don’t want a source of formaldehyde pollution at home, it is recommended to choose a spring mattress.

Friends who are a joint disease or are still growing, you can choose coconut palm mattresses.

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