The second instance of the second instance of the suspect of the duty child abuse was sentenced to 25 years

Korean luggage child abuse to death The defendant Cheng Cheng’s picture Source: Yonhap News Agency

People’s Daily News According to the Yonhap News Agency, the case of child abuse in South Korea last year caused a social sensation. On January 29, the Korean court announced the results of the second trial of the case. The South Korean court found that the defendant was established for a murderer, overthrowing the first trial judgment of 22 years in prison and 25 years in prison.


South Korean courts believe that the defendant understands that his behavior may die but did not stop, so it is not the saying that the defendant’s so -called abuse of children to death is not a murder. It is reported that the defendant Chengmou had submitted more than 10 reviews and appeal to the court.

On June 1, 2020, the defendant’s 9 -year -old son locked in his luggage in his home in Tianan, Zhongan, Zhongan, Zhongan City, and died of suffocation.

Statistics show that there are as many as 42 children who were abused and killed last year. Among them, the 16 -month -old girl Zheng Ren (Yin) was caused by her adoptive mother’s abuse and caused social attention. South Korea has passed a legal amendment earlier this year to increase penalties for children abuse. (Compilation: Shen Yuhuan Review: Wu Sanye)

Source: People’s Daily-South Korea Channel

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