School uniforms that appear in the campus idol drama, students from Hangzhou No. 4 Middle School can put it on soon

Positive dress · checkered suit

Four student models (from left to right) Mo Yaoyao, Feng Junjie, Tong Ying, and Fan Jiyi wore light gray sweater.

Senior Senior (5) Ban Tong Ying

Light gray sportswear This picture is provided by the school

Which set of “Sea Selection” for each person in the whole school is a set?

The annual Hangzhou Fourth Middle School Royal Culture Festival is about to open immediately. Among them, one of the most exciting activities of the students- “My school uniforms, I am the master” school uniform.

British style suit uniforms, sports style baseball uniforms, college -style knitwear … dozens of school uniforms, yes, all can be seen in campus idol dramas. As long as students like it, they can vote. Sea selection voting opened in late May. In the end, the highest votes, the highest number of votes, in September this year, the freshman freshman can be put on.

Which set of school uniforms are the best, you can also help Hangwi Middle School Choose for the choice.

Pay attention to the “Lion of Love” WeChat public account, reply to “school uniform”, and then vote after clicking. In the end, the school will comprehensively vote for multiple voting and select school uniforms. Reporter Zhang Na

The school students are selected to vote.

“Students are very happy to put on their favorite school uniforms. The school also hopes that through this school uniform culture, it extends to the cultivation culture of Hangzhou No. 4 Middle School and deep into the heart of each child. Cultural etiquette “Handbook, will also form a campus culture etiquette course.” Director Wu took out this freshly released “Campus Cultural Etiquette” manual and made some introductions.

The handbook title page wrote: Taking campus clothing as a carrier, to convey a beautiful emotion, awaken your aesthetic intuition in your heart, subtly turn your spirit, keep the margin of education continuously expand, and the pursuit of beauty continues to extend.

In this manual, there is the school -running concept of Hangzhou No. 4 Middle School, “Raising and still seeking the truth”, and a detailed interpretation of the school emblem: consisting of the number “4” and the Chinese character “Zhong”. The word “raising” of the background reflects the purpose of “nourishing morality, mind and mind, and interest” of Hangzhou Fourth Middle School.

In addition, there are several large parts of the manual, including the three principles of dressing, wearing etiquette, wearing notes, and behavior etiquette.

During this time, the manual will be distributed in the hands of each classmate.

“Hangzhou Fourth Middle School has a century -old history. The school has always been strictly managed. The whole year’s school uniform system that promoted the spirit of” frugality “was promoted before. Now the reform of school uniforms is based on the current school education and promotes students’ personalized development. Cultivate the four middle school students who have cultivated Fangzheng, learn elegance, and cultivate pure. “Director Wu said.


The change of school uniforms is not a temporary intention. In the past two years, a student specifically made suggestions with the principal Zhang Weitao.

Everyone has some “small emotions” for the previous school uniforms. Although the clothes are loose and comfortable, they do not have a sense of design and not look good. A senior high school girl said: “The school stipulates that school uniforms are worn every day, and the usage rate is so high. If the school uniform is a bit beautiful, we put it on, and the exams and papers will be happy.”

The school has heard each other’s voice. Beginning this year, this incident was mentioned on the schedule of President Zhang.

In early March, the school investigated the major school uniform brands to understand the school uniform market.

In late March, the parent committee formed a school uniform procurement group to select school uniform manufacturers.

In April, the design plan was selected. In this link, at least everyone reads hundreds of school uniform styles. It requires good fabrics, design sense, but not too fancy, but also comfortable, suitable for students’ daily learning and life.

In late April, student representatives participated in the design. For example, a girl proposed to add a bow tie. Four men, two men, and four classmates have been models for a long time, wearing a dozen sets of school uniforms, and taking pictures on campus.


In late May, the whole school was selected to establish a plan.

In June, manufacturers were established through bidding.

In July, entering the booking process.

In September, the freshman freshman put on new school uniforms.


“Sea Selection” voting, starting in late May. Each classmate has the right to vote. After a week, which uniforms are the highest in the end, which set is the highest.

“Who wears who wearing idols”

The school uniform was on the spot and was onlookers

There are more than a dozen sets of clothes participating in the sea selection, including summer costumes (college style POLO shirts), spring and autumn costumes (including long -sleeved shirts, cotton knitted vests, western -style trousers/pleated skirts, tie/collar flowers), formal outfits (lattles) Tattoo suits), sportswear (light gray and Tibetan green), winter clothing (removed cotton clothes, with velvet ordered ordered inner orchestra). Different seasons, styles and fabrics are different.

A week ago, the preliminary selected school uniforms were taken to take pictures of the school. High School (1) Ban Mo Yaoyao, High School (5) Tong Ying, Gao No. 1 (10) Chang Junjie and Gao No. 1 (5) Fan Jiyi, these four students became small models and took a group of trial installations Photo, beautiful and youthful, was envied by the school classmates for a long time.


In this group of photos, we can see that in the fresh campus, four students wore new school uniforms, waved the racket, run, jump, and have an unrestrained youthful vitality. The two girls tried five or six sets, including summer clothes to winter. Mo Yaoyao liked the horn buckle winter clothes. It was said that the clothes were wool and very thick. Tong Ying likes to knit sweater models. She is soft and comfortable to wear.

“When taking pictures on campus, we caused onlookers from time to time.” Mo Yaoyao said that several seniors of senior high school sisters walked through and watched for more than ten minutes. “

There is also a class classmate on the playground. Several girls came around immediately after class and discussed happily: “It’s so good, isn’t this the kind of school uniform only in the idol drama, who is really idol!”

After trying to penetrate the new school uniform, Tong Ying went back and talked with a few classmates. She immediately exploded in the class and discussed it warmly.

We randomly interviewed several classmates.

A girl said that she would never wear school uniforms outside the school and felt too ugly. If you change to this group, you can wear it outside the campus in the future.

Another girl said that when everyone entered high school, everyone was paying attention to wearing. She usually visited the mall with her mother to buy clothes and likes to dress with new ideas. The new school uniform is complete, it is easy to match, it is convenient and beautiful.

Seeing that the classmates were so excited, Wu Xinping, deputy director of the Student Department, was very happy, saying that it was really a student’s heart.

Wear specific clothes in specific occasions

Gradually form a door

Campus etiquette culture course

School uniforms look beautiful, but also in line with etiquette. Moreover, there are different behavioral etiquette on different occasions on campus. After the students strengthen their understanding, they will slowly develop campus cultural etiquette.

For example: In the library, we should abide by the rules, love books, maintain quiet and hygienic, do not eat snacks, and walk lightly when walking. To participate in the flag -raising ceremony, you must set off your hat and solemnly; listen to the report to see the performance, and you must focus on your expression. Keep quiet and applaud in time …

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