Take off your jacket! You should wear a sweater in the early spring, and the versatile and age reduction

Unconsciously, it’s spring, and cotton clothes and coats can be passed out! Many bloggers have changed into the hottest items, sweaters! Intersection


Why is the sweater the hottest item in spring, because it is really easy to match,

With pants, long skirts, and short skirts like sisters, you won’t make an error in how to put it.

It is really a must -have item for fashion.

Although sweaters are necessary to wear items every year, the popular styles are different every year. Everyone wants to know which sweaters are popular this year?

I have helped you sort it out,

In the early spring, you will be on the front end of the trend. Fast GET this year’s most tide sweater!

First of all, the most popular sweater this year is of course popular -yellow sweater,

Major fashion bloggers all put on yellow sweaters.


I studied it and said it was the hottest color this year,

It is not an exaggeration at all, because it really does not pick the skin color, and the yellow skin sisters can also control it perfectly.


Wearing alone is full of vitality girl,


A sweet smile is like a warm sun. It is particularly eye -catching as an inside,


It can break the sense of dullness and it looks very advanced.


This color is really amazing!


With the yellow color, there are many colors,

Goose yellow, beige, turmeric, etc., each color is not out of date,

Is it exciting?

New year and new weather, in addition to popular vitality this year,


Of course, there is still a transfer of red!


Many bloggers take the lead to transfer, put on red sweaters,

Not only can it modify the skin color


(Really supernight!)


Choosing high saturation can also highlight the sense of vitality.

It is definitely a highlight of daily matching to make your fashion index rising easily!


Don’t think it’s hard to match,

Red+blue, red+white, etc. are classic matching, retro and particularly fashionable!


Of course, in addition to the conventional sweaters, the popular sweaters this year are also “cut corners”. Own shoulders, dew and waist and milk will inevitably become the keywords of early spring. Major bloggers have been on the upper body of short sweaters, revealing delicate skin, slightly sexy,

Showing charming figure can be fascinated by passers -by in early spring!

Especially for the sisters of the pear -shaped figure, the charming small waist is revealed,


With a beam of pants or high waist pants, it is simply killing everything. Vivamoon Onni is a very good model. She especially likes to wear short+high waist matching. Girls who are confident and sunny are the most beautiful!

I recommend a lot of plush jacket last year, including plush hats and bags,

I didn’t expect it to start with the sweater this year! It’s a must -have item this year.


I also like plush sweaters,


Because it really covers meat, it is not bloated. It is a soft cute attribute to wear it in spring,


It is an age reduction artifact.

Plush sweater can just match the temperature of early spring,

Sisters in the south can wear it alone, and the sisters in the north are in high -necked base.

It is not difficult to match, and put on tight pants 10 pounds immediately.

The basic model is still one of the most popular sweaters this year. There are thousands of sweaters.

The basic model is really evergreen in the sweater industry. Choose a good quality and well -equipped sweater to durable and versatile.

Like Xu Zhier, you will use basic sweaters,

It is particularly eye -catching to match with layered wear, whether it is inward or single,

The color matching can also take out the retro style ~

Learn these clever combinations,

Basic sweaters create minimalist winds. You are advanced in early spring,


This is here today’s grass,

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