Can Daneng’s “state” of the pulsation of the beverage product line move back?

On April 15, Danone said to the outside world that “big surgery” was performed on the pulse of its vitamin beverages, and a comprehensive upgrade from brand positioning, formula taste, packaging marketing and other aspects. This is regarded by the industry as the first systemic adjustment of the pulse. In fact, in recent years, the pulsation of the slogan has become popular in China with “not in the state?” Although it is still a large single product with a sales of billions of yuan, it is nearly 10 billion yuan in 2015. The market size seems to be “not in the state”.

达能对饮料产品线动刀 脉动的“状态”能回来吗?

People in the industry believe that the pulsation re -positioning is to meet the health and personalization needs of mainstream consumer groups. However, due to the intensified competition in the Chinese beverage industry, the pulse growth space is limited, and the Denone beverage business needs to find new growth points while maintaining the stable pulse sales and reducing the dependence on pulsating.

Fully upgrade

On April 15, the pulsation officially announced the full upgrade of the brand. The pulsation states that this will be the biggest innovation of the brand in recent years, involving brand positioning, packaging design, product formula, and taste combination, and the goal is the new generation of young people’s market.

In terms of formula, the new pulse tends to be healthy, adding dietary fiber components, about 0.6 grams of dietary fiber per 100ml, maintaining normal intestinal function, and improving the content of vitamin B clan. Essence

In terms of taste, the new pulse has launched a new snow pomelo orange -flavored product. At the same time, in response to the characteristics of emerging retail channels such as convenience stores, the pulsation also customizes products with innovative flavors such as bamboo, Kaman Orange, to meet the innovative taste and health pursuit of the younger generation.

In the packaging, the new pulse logo logo abandon the “fish eye” shape design. The new logo uses a flat font and solid color design to remove all high -gloss parts and 3D stereo special effects, which is more in line with the aesthetics of young consumer groups.

At the level of marketing activities, in order to promote new products and make the echo merchants, the “opening and winning red envelopes” and “unpacking and scanning” activities were pulled to further realize channel sinking. In addition, in 2020, the new pulse also enabled a new brand declaration of “pulsating by me” to continue to create a brand of young consumers’ beloved.

In this regard, the relevant person in charge of Danone told the Beijing Business Daily reporter that the pulse hopes to continue to bring consumers with higher quality products and health choices. Therefore, it will be new every year to meet the changing market trends and consumer needs.

It is understood that new pulse products have gradually been launched in multiple channels such as supermarkets, convenience stores, food grocery stores and e -commerce in national supermarkets, convenience stores, food grocery stores and e -commerce. Among them, the pulse Tmall flagship store snow pomelo oranges have three specifications of 1000ml bottle, 600ml bottle, and 400ml mini bottle. The unit price is about 7 yuan, 5 yuan, and 3.6 yuan, respectively, which is consistent with the original products.


In fact, Danone’s “sword” pulsation has long been prepared. During the disclosure of the 2019 financial report, Danone said that in the Chinese market, it plans to re -position the pulsation, the brand is more young, the packaging design is more fashionable, the product formula is upgraded, and the product portfolio is optimized.

According to Zhu Danpeng, a Chinese food industry analyst, in 2020, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has a profound impact on the Chinese beverage market. Healthy, personalized, youthful, and functionalization will become the mainstream demand. Re -positioning can meet the core demands of consumers and continue to maintain innovation and development.

Some people in the industry believe that in the past two years, the pulsation in China has begun to decline, and it is in a critical period of development.

It is understood that in 2003, the pulse entered the Chinese market. In 2015, sales were 9.8 billion yuan, and the market share was as high as 90 %. However, in 2016, the pulse sales fell by 30 %. In 2019, about 1/3 of Danone’s income came from drinking water and beverage business, about 6.5 billion yuan. Among them, high -end drinking water such as Yiyun, Fvik, and Bodo occupies a certain share. Based on this, industry insiders estimate that the sales of pulsating in the Chinese market are about 5 billion yuan, which is nearly half compared to 2015.

In order to reverse the decline of performance, in the past two years, the pulse has been fine -tuned and continued to be younger. However, the industry generally believes that Danone’s adjustment of pulsation always “headache and foot pain medicine” has not been made in all aspects at the same time.

In 2017, the pulsation was adjusted to the taste, expanded the product line, and launched two new flavors: cactus, oranges and sea salt mango, as well as “bleeding energy” rich in taurine and plant extract energy. In 2018, the pulse was on the packaging, and the canned “Chi Energy” drink was launched. In 2019, the pulse was pushed new on the formula, and three pulse products with taurine, ginseng, and fiber components were launched.

Entrusted Vegan

“Although the pulse has been sluggish in recent years, it still becomes the main source of income from Danone’s drinks and drinking water sectors. Danone should reduce excessive dependence on pulsating and expand new growth points.” Industry insiders said.

Danone Chief Financial Officer Cécile Cabanis also said that looking forward to Danone’s drinking water and beverage category in 2020 “will depend on the performance of pulse.”

Danone China ’s official website shows that the products of Danone Chinese beverages are mainly pulse vitamin beverages; in the field of drinking water, it is mainly imported mineral aquatic products. It is Evai, Fvik, Bodo and other products that have entered the Chinese market.

Zhu Danpeng believes that at present, there are no large single products in the Chinese beverage market. The life cycle of various new products is very short. Products with annual sales of more than 1 billion yuan are enough to become large items. The pulsation can maintain about 5 billion yuan per year. The scale is not easy.

“Vitamin drinks are rich in various vitamins required by the human body, and are expected to become a hot product category in 2020. New products of sexual and functionalization have expanded new business growth points. “Zhu Danpeng said.

However, Xu Xiongjun, a strategic positioning expert and the founder of Jiuder Positioning Consulting Company, expressed different views: “Danone does not need to expand new categories. Danone has been carrying a younger layout in recent years, which can keep up with the development of the industry. The decline is mainly affected by the beverage environment. Expanding new categories may be decentralized to the pulsating investment, but drag down the pulse development. “Beijing Commercial Daily reporter Li Zhenxing (picture source: enterprise provided)

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