Girls in summer, cotton cotton dress 2021 new summer big children’s foreign style princess skirt children’s skirt

Create a stylish dress with a striking and eye -catching color, lantern -shaped bubble sleeves, and the design details of the square emphasis emphasize the retro feeling.

Type A doll skirt version reflects playful and cute, and girls Ma Ma are also very young. Washing cotton fabrics make the entire silhouette a modern sense of fashion in the retro tone. The thickness is appropriate, so there is a Garrobu. The simple version will be more eye -catching with bold colors. The lavender purple, which makes people have to love, is white. The dazzling daisy, fashionable trend, courage to try, you will find that it is really good.

This dress is normal loose, the length to the knee position, and mothers can choose a positive code.

Give the fresh things to the child, talk to the child in a more chic way, and bring the children more pure love at the same time.

Dress is recommended to be washed lightly in water with no more than 30 degrees in cold water. Do not use it to twist hard. Do not wash with dark colors and soak for a long time. Essence

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