Where can polyurethane elastomers be used?

The spray -coated polyurethane wear -resistant material has outstanding performance in wear -resistant and anti -corrosion. Based on its simple and environmentally friendly operation process, and convenient construction methods, most of the equipment has been maintained online maintenance, opened up the new world of equipment protection and maintenance and maintenance


Our solution

Repair and protection of various types of injuries in conveyor belt

Magnetic selection machine, floating machine and other wear -resistant coating protection


Vibration disk wear -resistant coating protection


Vibration Screening -resistant coating protection

Popped pump wear -resistant coating protection

Patriotic and fan -resistant coating protection


Sewage treatment plant and garbage treatment equipment wear -resistant coating protection ……….

Equipment protection in various industries

Material advantage:


① In the state of immersion, polyurethane wear -resistant materials are stronger than other elastic wear -resistant materials and rigid wear -resistant materials. In particular, it can be used normally in the slurry of the pH value of 3-11. Therefore, the product not only has super wear resistance, but also has good acid and alkali.

② This type of product can be worn with abrasion-resistant and anti-corrosion on the surface of the material of almost all materials. It can be sprayed on the surface of most complex shapes of the substrate, and the 0.1mm-20mm thick range can be sprayed at once at any size.

③ This product has the characteristics of simple construction methods, short construction cycle, and required protection equipment that can be carried out without disassembly. After the construction is completed, the equipment is waiting for the short period of time to use, so as to maximize the construction and maintenance cycle, which guarantees the safety of equipment safety Use.

④ strong construction team, rich construction experience, and a large number of successful cases of many industries to ensure that it can provide comprehensive wear -resistant and anticorrosive projects for various users.

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