What do you want “pants”? It depends on the casual pants of Jiu Mu

Wearing pants is the knowledge. Different pants are different depending on the body proportion, especially men’s pants, you need to modify the leg shape and take into account the comfort of the waist. At this time, the requirements for the version of the pants are also very strict. What kind of pants can be both versatile and multiple needs? I think “business casual pants” should be well deserved.


Casual pants can be said to be a must -have pants in the wardrobe all year round. It appears frequently in fashion street shooting and film and television screens. It is not only a versatile tool, but also a variety of style and temperament. As a global leader of men’s pants, ①, Jiu Mu King also launched several versatile and fashionable leisure pants in the autumn and winter of 2021. Today, let’s take a look at what charm of its casual pants.

Jiu Mu King Little Black Pants: Comfortable, versatile, easy to take care of themselves

Black pants are a must -have basic model in the wardrobe. As long as you choose the pants and materials, it will almost not make an error. One is that the black flesh is long and long, and most of the body can be easily controlled; the second is black versatile, and it will inevitably wear more in autumn and winter. At this time Swelling.

Little black pants are the star products of the Jiu Mu Wang family. It integrates comfortable, versatile, and easy to take care of it. In response to the pain points of men’s casual pants on the market, Jiu Mu King started with fabrics as early as 2019. Increased ingeniously creating high -bullet fabrics, using high -needle large round machines to contain more than 15%of aminoly tissue, so that the small black pants pulling the pull of the small black pants pull The extension rate is 4 times the ordinary fabric. Put on the nine shepherd little black pants, even if it is a sedentary office for a whole day, you can keep comfortable and not tight.

▲ Nine Shepherd King Little Black Pants, Chinese National Fencing Team Official Business Men’s Clothing

Jiu Mu Wang Light Core Velvet Pants: But the street can also be commute

With the retro style

The increasingly popular, the core of the luminis with retro attributes with its unique texture, has become the love of fashion trendy men. After all, it is indispensable for items that can wear retro atmosphere. It seems to be a long -lasting experience, putting the memory memory on the body.


In recent years, the more the luminous velvet is used on the more items, the more it has become a single product that can be commute on the street. And Jiu Mu Wang Light Core Velvet Pants, which is a remarkable one


Jiu Mu Wang Light Core Velvet Pants are more common in autumn and winter seasons. Not only are versatile, but also very autumn and winter Feel.

Get rid of the style of “Drag Palace”, the version design of the pants nine -point pants can not only revise the proportion of the figure, but also make you look more free and easy, but also with a shirt or sweater, the sense of fashion and atmosphere is not lost to any of the sense of atmosphere and the atmosphere. Pants shape.

Jiu Mu King’s fashionable cone casual pants: casual comfort and more legs long


For the wide -legged and thick stars, tapered pants should not be too friendly. The silhouette of cone pants is a typical “upper width and narrow”. The waist and abdomen of the pants waist reserved a certain sense of space, which can perfectly hide your small belly.

Jiu Mu’s fashionable cone casual pants are like this. The loose design of the thighs can hide meat, and the narrow calf design can highlight the slender sense of the ankle, but it will not be as tight as small feet pants. The pants tube that gradually shrink from top to bottom fits the leg lines, plus the design of the nine -point pants, so that you can wear it casually and comfortable and make your legs look more straight and longer.

Jiu Mu Wang casual pants, comfortable and versatile and easy to take care, show a free and casual lifestyle, allow you to perfectly balance work and life, switch freely in the business leisure room. It is a trendy item that cannot be missed this winter.


① Data source: “Euro Rui Information Consultation (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.; according to the sales measurement of men’s pants in 2020. Covering 210 countries/regions around the world, various retail channels; men’s pants sales accounted for more than 15%and leisure or leisure or leisure or leisure or leisure or leisure or leisure or leisure or leisure or leisure or leisure or leisure or leisure or leisure or leisure or Business is a men’s clothing brand with core products, and the top three men’s pants are sold in Jiu Mu King; the survey was completed in April 2021. “

② The test results of the certified testing agency may be compared with the general fabric of the brand.

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