A panties of pioneer pants liberation campaign.

The roles that are worn on the outside of the underwear, can be said to be different.

In China, men who show underwear are rejected as “social people” behavior. In the old beauty prisons, or on the streets of Mississippi, this method of wear is called Sagging, which once existed as a man’s happiness.


But now in the trendy women’s circle of pioneers, there are more ideas for this kind of dress. How girls do sexy and not eroticism are the topic we discuss today.


After wearing underwear,

Unlock the pants of the jeans,

How beautiful is it?


About two years ago,

“Outside the underwear” by pioneers such as Ken Dou and other pioneers has been swept fiercely for a while.

The girl who dares to expose her underwear out of the house has increased rapidly during that period of time. The two -piece match is safe and sexy.

At that time, it was also a period of high feminist movement. The sound of equality has not been reduced so far, and the dresses of avant -garde girls still seek more meaningful beauty in boldness.


To tell the truth, the previous “underwear outside” did not cause a strong impact on the concept of men. After all, the important part was still wrapped, and the exposed vest line was healthy and sunny.

But the “panties outside”, which is gradually becoming more fiery at present, is even more challenging.

In summary, the major advantages of the underwear are wearing:

1. Make women’s bee waist everywhere. If you keep a beautiful waistline, then you can use martial arts.

2. Pull the waist lines of girls to show the curve more confident.

3. Manufacturing a sense of hierarchy, enhancing the effect of wearing, it is enough for all kinds of shorts to be accurate for the upper body.

Isabella Manderson

Treasure girls who have been regarded as a trendy field have been regarded by many people. Sexy and healthy are their labels, and recently wearing

Classic demonstration of bottom pants liberation:

The light -colored tannin cools opens the button, the white high -waisted pants are sexy and harmonious, the whole set is bold and fresh, the perfect lines and skin tone of the waist are prominent.

German trend enthusiast




I prefer this kind of dress, which is similar to Isabella’s gameplay:


Between the darker tannins and the black short top, the black underwear creates the level, and the shoelaces of OW X Converse under the feet also echoed in place.

In the hollow design sense,@alina_kossan also uses white leggings to make a contrast.

Girls with exposed underwear,


Not the female version of Justin Bieber.


The girls with underwear are not wearing the female version of Justin Bieber.

Although the casualness is the same, they use moderate loose,

The sexy places are more profitable, so that the underwear is also a remarkable design work.

The waist and abdomen function wearing the outer panties stretch the lower body of the girls, and form a very direct charm with the sexy formation of the waist, which meets the needs of many girls to modify the shape.

In terms of extension, all kinds

The popularity of short tops with bottom pants is also quite different to find:

The vest short underwear was sought after by the European noble class. At that time, the underwear was popular and the bold shape was also a reincarnation.


As a result, only a girl and her intimate partner could be appreciated directly, and they began to gradually become an important accessory to showing their personality and shape to everyone.

Based on the “panties outside the outer” pioneer design,

More popular:

Soon, this freshly liberated dressing method, under the support of the girls, has spawned a lot of brands that are designed and red, and Namilia is one of them.


pic via.namilia


Berlin Pioneer Brand


Before focusing on women, and sexual dare to be bold, it has always been its unique design style, which attracted

Cardi B et al. Icon.

This looming sexy temptation directly interprets the “hip temptation” more critical.

Under the attention of popular words such as big buttocks and peach hips, the “panties outside” method inadvertently revealed the sexy hip field, which was extremely eye -catching.


A touch of private areas exposed, in addition to being sexy,

It also coincides with the current style of the trend preference level. Taiwan fashion bloggers

Stars xu

I have always played boldly, and naturally I do n’t miss such designs.

For many trendy women who are free liberation and beauty, this way of wearing this underwear is obviously very attractive.

Continue to adopt underwear -type waist bag design to improve the characteristics of wear.

Under the leadership of many pioneering women in the past so far, this method of dressing has gradually become a sign of independent and cool girls.

Many designers now play the design of “underwear and underwear”, which involves the level of social significance.

Faced with the news of many women being violated, the designers used it to express their provocative emotions, encouraging girls not to cover up and shyness.

It is not the reason for pleasing others or inducing crimes.

Historical heritage of bottom pants:

The girl who led the trend in the 1990s had long been playing like this.


In the 1990s, many handsome and independent women have already started this panties to wear, and

And most of them are influential goddess -level figures.

The image of Aaliyah’s low waist revealed the image of Tommy Hilfiger’s underwear, becoming the most hot girl image at that time.

pic via.aaliyah

The TLC of “Chengjun” in 1991 was also the most trendy women’s group that year.


Metal color eye makeup, Doorknocker Earrings, Bike Shorts, etc. are all brought up by them,

Their gameplay of the single product is followed by many people,

In particular, unbuttoning the low -waist button, revealing the handsome and sexy quadrilateral panties.

The number of times they showed the underwear, no less than the previous Xiao Jia,


So that the image of the edge of the underwear has become a fun symbol of this group of personalized girls. They print a combination name on the edge of the underwear, or wear more loose pants as a color and layered match.




Destiny’s Child, who participated in the early years, not only did not be afraid of exposing the panties, but also had its own set on the “panties wearing”.

For example, Beyonce likes to put on a strap jeans, but unlocks the entire strap to hang down, revealing the panties that raised his personality.

via: Destiny’s Child

The “panties” shape design that is popular now, as early as 2008, also scratched a trend in Japan.

Many avant -garde Japanese female artists even put on TV shows directly. This sexy tannut pants were priced at $ 100.

pic via.neil duckett


Now that this kind of dress is red, maybe some of the women’s conscious awakening is getting hotter, but the choice of girls’ choices is actually a kind of evolution that we choose to choose.

After all, they have the power to show beauty and have nothing to do with ideology.

So I hope you don’t want to do this,

Holding a strange vision.





Stars xu

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