The miserable “insulting” of the Japanese army: shaving the wrap and shaving the workers’ eyebrows and hair

The Japanese pseudo -military police constitutional and ordinary Japanese people insult and infringe the Chinese person’s personality and dignity with various means, which causes physical and mental pain to the Chinese people.



In the pseudo -Manchi Castle Castle Coal Mine, the Japanese supervisory Workers Songtian was to distinguish the different sources of special workers. Power grid workers from various places are shaved into different shapes of “ghosts”. The hair trench from the hair caught by Shenyang, shaved half of the head from Mudanjiang, and shaved the eyebrows from Mishan.


In 1943, three people including Zhao Xiangshan, Yang Shoujiu, and Chen Futing were regarded as “captives” as “captives” and caught the “captive worker training center” of Jixi Dao Road Coal Mine. The next day, the newly caught people were led to a room to rank, saying that it was a haircut. But no one expected that this was a Japanese pseudo -supervisor that the workers were afraid that the workers would run away and shaved their eyebrows. I saw a big man holding a shaving head in his right hand, wiped the soapy water skillfully with his left hand, and shaved the workers’ eyebrows. People who were shaved with eyebrows were simply not ghost.

In the pseudo -Manchu Gold Mine in Heilongjiang Province, the Japanese pseudo authorities have a “special worker training center”, which are mainly detained in the anti -Japanese people and the “ideological prisoners” and “political prisoners” arrested from North China and Northeast China. Innocent people. Those who enter the “training institute” completely lose their personal freedom. Everyone’s clothes are peeled. They wear special clothes and make symbols. They are not allowed to name each other. They are not allowed to communicate with the outside world.

In order to facilitate the different sources of workers, the workers captured from various places shave into different shapes of “ghosts” and insult in personality. Some of them shaved the ditch from the middle of the hair, some were shaved off their hair, some were shaved off their eyebrows, and some hair was shaved. Labor queues every day, and the two sides are armed by the Japanese forces on both sides. On average, 15 or six hours a day.

It is a common phenomenon to insult personality and not treat workers as people. According to the 73 -year -old Yu Shenghuai recalled: “I caught from Anhui. At that time, I was a guerrilla player and was captured later. The right eyebrows were shaved, and the number was made. It was not dark or white all day long. The worker can be tm, and beating people is better than eating noodles. “

Use black and red ink to marker on your nose

Puppet Manchurian County Datao Village is located 15 kilometers west of Lanqiying Village. In the Spring Festival of 1943, the Japanese Kanto Army engaged in more than 50 villages in Xinglong County (arrest). More than 2,000 people were arrested, and more than 200 people in Dacao Village were arrested. In order to distinguish the villagers in Dacao Village with other villages, the Japanese army marked the nose of the villagers in the villagers of the Dacheng. Use red ink to mark the nose of other tribal residents.


In Dalian under the 1920s in the 1920s, the Japanese publicly humiliated the Chinese personality. On one occasion, a young man from a store went to the Japanese company to do business, and a Japanese solemnly abused the youth. At the factory terminal opened by the Japanese in Dalian, Japanese workers often humiliate Chinese workers.

In order to control the food of railway workers during the pseudo -Manchu period, “Manchuria” has a livelihood firm in larger towns or stations to implement the accounting system. Essence Before the Spring Festival of the lunar calendar in 1935, the “full iron” was assigned a small amount of rice and white noodles for the Chinese.

Because the livelihood of the food for the employees of the Panshi Station is located at Meihekou, each person led by himself and affects the work, he sent someone to collect it collectively to the station and return to the station to distribute it. Unexpectedly, when these foods were divided, the supervisors of the Meihekou Railway Supervisory Institute and the Japanese made a 501 passenger train to the station by 501 passenger trains.

After getting out of the car, he saw that the employees were very dissatisfied with the rice noodles. In the past, he sprinkled 10 pounds of white noodles on the platform and mixed in the sand and could not eat it.


Forced people to learn dog climbing, learning dog barking

The traitor agent of the pseudo -Manfu Yu special search class, because the manager of the “Tianqingfeng” business manager Hao Lingge has a good speech. Just ask him to lie on the ground to learn dogs and learn dogs.

At the Puppet Harbin Wharf, the Japanese were loading and unloading coal, and Chinese workers were happy to find Chinese workers on the deck of the large iron boat. They put a few tables on the deck to climb Chinese workers to see who climbed fast. They sat on the chair on the side to watch and laughed. Whoever climbed quickly, they gave a piece of sugar.

Forcing Chinese workers to live in men and women

On April 27, 1926, a Chinese worker in the Fortune Factory opened by Japanese capitalists held a strike protest at the Fortune Factory in Dalian. The factory’s political oppression, personality humiliation, and economic exploitation of Chinese workers. Japanese capitalists colluded with Japanese policemen and hooligans into the Chinese female workers’ homes, dragged the female workers from the quilt, frightened fiercely, forcibly drove them to the factory, and then closed the door and not allowed to go home. In the evening, let these female workers live in a room with the rural male workers who were deceived by them.


Accounting Tour Street

Jiang He, a resident of Longquan Town, Jingyu County, raised the first army of the Northeast Anti -Allied Army. He threw the forty pairs of rubber shoes and cloth first into the rod of the “group tribe”. Anti -Allied Army) Residence. Once he bought a lot of red cloth for the sister -in -law to make pants for the anti -Alliance soldiers. After the incident was exposed, Jiang He was arrested, tortured torture, and finally inserted him to the street to show the public, and finally killed outside the east gate.

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