No need to base, a sense of super strong atmosphere, different wild roses: Yun Qian’s versatile needle cord shirt (with weaving illustration)

“Wild Rose”

Wild rose is seduced by friends

It looks pretty suitable for clouds

There are more hollow flowers

Want to wear the bottom?



Change your own samples


So you see a different wild rose



Plus reduction

It’s that that’s it

The benefits of round shoulders are completely reflected


Light cloud-light and light colors

Gentle and impatient

Pick the blue system that I have always liked

I am very eye -catching

I like this paragraph

Seemingly thick chain line


Woven into short sleeves in the air -conditioned room properly

Wait until autumn, we are lengthened our sleeves

Wear two clothes

Just decide like this


Weaving Life Brand Handle Store Yun Qian No. 07 靛 靛 编 编 1 share 5 groups


M 3.5mm

Auxiliary materials:

Several claims, scissors, sewing needles




56cm in length, busty 100cm



10cm*10cm = 27 stitches*34 lines


Let’s take a look at the reality show

Tibetan map:

Process chart:

1 Yuke:

3. 5mm long tail needle 117 stitches, then weave 3 lines of rubbing, and keep the number buckle at the beginning.

Add needle: (13 times, empty needle) repeat, add 9 stitches. The number of needles is 126 stitches.

The weaving pattern diagram a 3 times.

6 Line needles.

Add needle line: 2 times, (1 under, empty needle) repeated 29 times, (2 times, empty needle) repeated 32 times, (1, empty needle) repeated 29 times, 2 times, 90 stitches. Number of needles 216 stitches.

2 Ringxing.


Weaving pattern diagram a 4 times.

2 Ringxing, 1 row needle.

Add needle: (2 times, empty needle) repeated 96 times, (3 times, empty needle) 8 times, add 104 stitches. Number of needles 320 stitches.


Weaving pattern diagram B 4 times.

Add needle: (4 times, empty needle) repeated 80 times, plus 80 stitches. Number of needles 400 stitches.

5 Ringxing.


1 The needle. 1 Line needle.


3 points sleeve:


70 needle sleeves are stringed, and 7 needles are used for underarms, 130 stitches, and 70 -pin sleeves are string up.


The next line is evenly added with 5 stitches, and the number of needles is 279 stitches.


Start weaving a gap

Tour the first line (front): weaving film, over 12 times, turn over.

Tour the second line (reverse): Germany renewal, upper needle to the other side. Over -marker buckle, on 12, turn over.


Tour the third line (front): Germany renewal, lower needle to the first 5 stitches of the double needle, turn over.


Tour the fourth line (negative): Germany reward, the top of the needle is over 5 stitches, turn over.

Repeat line 34, twice.

The next row of knitting 1 ring. Encountered double knitting into 1 needle.

The underarms are woven 26cm flat needles, weaving pattern A 6 times, 4 lines of rubbing needles, and flat needles.

4 Sleeve: 70 stitches and 7 stitches under the armpits. Each of the two sides of the turn has a total of 81 stitches. Remember the node in the middle of the armpit, then weave 2 stitches, weave the pattern A 6 times, the 4 lines of the board, the flat needle is collected, side.


It is not easy to post, you must support it, you do n’t want to add fruit.


There are also, without the permission of my own, except for the weaving life forum, don’t reprint my posts, thank you!

Instructions on the content of the book diagram to delete the content of the book diagram


Due to force majeure, the weaving life forum decides: From now on, the content of the book will be prohibited from publishing books. Weaving the public account of the weaving life will also delete the book diagrams shared in the near future. Also understand. For so many years of the weaving life forum, weaver women have always shared their works, works on the Internet, and works on the Internet. The Internet should have the spirit of sharing. However It has not played a good role in promoting the development of the entire weaving girl circle. As a platform, we also reflect on this development path very deeply. As a weaving community that hopes to develop benign development, we should support and encourage originality to drive the entire weaving girl circle. The atmosphere develops in a good direction. We know that this decision will hurt the popularity of the forum and the public account, but this is a step to take a step.

The following is a explanation of some details:

1. Receive notifications from a publisher in advance, the infringement issues will be investigated on the entire network. Of course, the goal is not limited to weaving life;

2. It is not that the works in the book cannot be posted, but the original book illustration and uploading the whole book are prohibited.


3. After all, not everyone is a designer, and the imitation works can be published and communicated;

4. The works weaving weaver can be published according to the content of the book content;


5. The weaver girl can be published according to the drawing of the picture, the text tutorial can be published, and the process diagram tutorial and video tutorial can be published;

6. Now that we have “stuck neck” on the diagram, we should encourage originality. Since then, we will also increase the incentive mechanism of the original author;

7. Take the road of the original community. In the long run, it is a correct road. This is beneficial to the entire weaving industry. Foreign R network is the role model for us to learn. Foreign weaver women can, domestic weaver women can also;

8. The environment and timing of the domestic original community have matured, and we must take this step.

The cleaning of this time may hit the content of the forum and the public account, but I believe that we are taking a correct path. There will also be more original drawers and original designer works on the forum. China will be. China will appear. The weaving will also get better and better!


• END •

Author | Lan Xiaoluo


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2 Ringxing.

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