Is there any perfume of soap or laundry powder? Clean and refreshing Feel

A few days ago, I saw someone asking, do you have a smell of smell of laundry?

Don’t say, there is really!

To say that it is the smell of laundry powder or soap flavor, it is better to say the taste after washing the clothes, because now there are more tools for washing clothes, some people use laundry liquid, and some people use that kind of washing one. The washing bead of the barrel … (Rest assured, I’m not here to recommend the laundry tool)

Several of them are mentioned more like this taste


See what are nominated?

Nomination list:

Clean cold cotton & warm cotton


David Dufu cold water


Peach Golden Mother California Gui & Amafi Figs in Parma Water

Dior Poison

Peach Silk Bear Naughty Bear Baby

Regarding these nominated perfumes above, let me talk about my own feelings!

Clean warm cotton & cold cotton

Clean clean is a relatively young perfume brand. It was born in 2003. The founder of the brand’s founder Randi SHINDER founded Clean from the clean odor emitted after taking a shower, mainly to create a soap perfume.

And warm cotton and cold cotton are the two most famous perfumes in this brand. The main features are fresh and clean flavors, just a warm and cold.


The cold cotton is more soap. The taste of lemon just sprayed out is more prominent, and the addition of mint also makes the cold cotton more cool. It can cool down in summer.

The warm cotton is closer to the kind of smell that has just been washed with dishwashing powder or laundry soap in the sun. I think it feels good to use it to spray the sheets. I can smell the quilt when I sleep. Clean, and the kind of smell that has been exposed to the sun can sleep with peace of mind.

David Dufu Cold Water Men

A very classic soap incense, even the famous poisonous tongue fragrant reviewer Luca Tuolin once rarely gave “cold water” high evaluation and gave it five stars.

This perfume is particularly suitable for entry. It is cost -effective and full of fragrance. It is very suitable for summer. The taste of lavender and mint is relatively obvious. In addition, it is very refreshing and pleasant.

Parma’s Water Tao Golden Mother California Gui & Amafi Figs

The two popular fragrances of the Water Family in Palma were not very surprised by nomination, but these two were by no means the smell of laundry powder, but more like the clean atmosphere emitted after bathing.

Tao Jinniang California Gui is not the smell of laundry powder, but the cleaning feeling after taking a shower. The front -tone citrus is very refreshing. In the middle of the jasmine, the fragrance of jasmine is getting gentle, and the tunes, milk, and amber The combination creates a comfortable soap.

And Amafi’s fig, as a triple giant in the fig world, is neither as milk as Adisians nor as green as Tiptik. This one is undoubtedly the highest accepted fig. The feeling of powder is like the natural atmosphere of the girl just after taking a shower.

Dior Pure Pure Pure Pure Pure Pure Pure Pure Pure Pure Pure Pure Pure Pure Pure Pure Pure Pure Pure Pure Pure Pure Pure Pure Pure Pure Pure Pure Pure


She is a very gentle white flower

Jasmine fragrance and faint citrus fragrance

The middle is a gardenia flower taken from the garden in the early morning after the rain


Also with the morning fog and slightly cool water vapor

It looks cold and gentle

When it comes to the combination of cedar+amber

Mixed with a little soap that cannot be ignored

It’s like the breath of clean clothes just washed

This is why many people say the smell of laundry powder

Peach Silk Bear Naughty Bear Baby (Sleeping Hat Bear)


A bear child poured all the soap and laundry powder into the water while the parents didn’t pay attention, and then moved the water with their hands to get a lot of bubbles. The more the bear children played, the happier …

In my eyes, the naughty bear baby is the taste of soap soaking in water. After the epithelium, the flavor is very light, and the fragrance is very short.


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