Since I learned this explosive bait formula, I have never played the pole again

Fishing in summer and autumn, if you want to fish big things, in addition to fishing with your hands, throwing a pole is also a very favorable weapon! Especially in the large area of ​​the river and lake and storage area, the big fish hides in the middle of the water. At this time, if you use a hand pole, it is difficult to use it at a length of 10 meters. If you bait, it is very suitable!


The author likes to use throwing poles and explosive hooks in the lake and banks. Based on years of fishing experience, I found that when fishing, the explosive bait we use must be made by ourselves. The taste is mainly natural, and The simpler the raw materials, the better the fish -lure fish, and the commodity bait sold on the market, although most of them have tried it, so far, I haven’t found that the fishing effect of a commercial bait can be compared to the bottom below. I introduce these self -made explosive bait!


1. Explosive bait that can be made with only corn

Corn is known as the king of vegetarian bait. When fishing carp, cattle and grass carp, it has a strong temptation. Today, it coincides with the time of tender corn in the late summer and early autumn. We can prepare sufficient fresh corn kernels. Some of them are chopped into a larger corn with a knife, and the other part is used to use a cooking machine or a soy milk machine to make a paste. Slip, then mix the two types of corn together and stir well.

Next, we put these corn in a plastic bag, and then put it in the pot for about 40-60 minutes. We must ensure that the corn is completely steamed and then the pot. Next, we put corn on the outside to room temperature, and then put it in the insurance of the refrigerator for about a week. This corn explosion bait can be used even if the production is completed.


This bait is extremely sticky when bait and has a very strong hook. Even a relatively hard remote shot pole can be used. The rich pure corn fragrance is a natural food for the large things in these water. It also has no scruples, so the fish rate of this explosive bait is very high.

2. The explosive bait made of wheat and bran

In addition to corn, the explosive bait made of wheat and bran is also very good. These two mixed grain fragrances also have a strong lethality in the water! As long as we prepare 1 catties of wheat, 2-3 pounds of bran, then soak the wheat grains with water for 4,5 hours, then cook it until the state of flowering is just about to bloom. Then when bait by the reservoir, we mixed the wheat and bran at a ratio of 1: 2, and then mixed with water according to the ratio of 1: 0.8. According to the requirements of the viscosity, we can add some stickiness to ensure that it is guaranteed to ensure that to ensure that The bait will not fall off to the explosive hook.


We can also put the bran in the pot first and fry it for a while. As long as we fry the water of the bran, we can smell the rich grain flavor. The fragrance of the explosive bait made in this way will be more rich, and it is more suitable for fishing carps and catches that are more picky about food. And this explosive bait can be added with less sticky powder in the early stage, so that the bait fustorizes faster to improve the effect of temptation. In the later period, add more sticky powder to improve the hook properties of the bait!

The raw materials of the above two types of explosive bait are very easy to obtain, and the production methods and steps are also very simple. For fishermen who like to throw big things, they must not miss the two bait formulas.

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