Ma Sichun, who was thin, was so beautiful, wearing a T -shirt with a small skirt, generously exposed a beautiful leg

The classic black and white basic colors are liked by many girls, but if they are often worn, they will always look tired. If you want to make simple and changeable shapes, you should better use some more personalized colors. Especially the very popular T -shirts, mostly work hard on the color, trying different styles of mixed matching, will bring unexpected good results. After losing weight, Ma Sichun was very confident. He put on a small short skirt for long legs, and it was too fashionable with a T -shirt.


Female stars pay attention to their image at any time, and they are bright and moving when they board the stage. But in daily life, they like ordinary people like ordinary people, they like to be comfortable and casual.


For example, Ma Sichun is a good example. The daily private server is very grounded, and it feels like a young lady next door. Looking at the shape of this T -shirt with a floral skirt, it is very close but fashionable. Ma Sichun, who was thin, was so good -looking. Wearing a T -shirt and a small skirt, he generously exposed a beautiful leg. Now let’s take a look. What kind of matching skills do this shape use?

The T -shirt is a very popular fashion item. The advantage is that it is completely unpolished, and the sense of leisure effect is also very good. At the same time, the tolerance of the figure is also strong enough.


In terms of color selection, Ma Sichun chose a very high -level dark gray, which is not so dull compared to black, and the effect of brightening the skin color is not bad at the same time. I hope that through the color to achieve a thin effect, dark gray is a very good choice. But dark gray also has a relatively simple and restrained feeling, so pay attention to the style in the selection of models.

This T -shirt version is a bit of modified effect, which will make the shape a bit of lines, and it will easily get rid of too ordinary problems. At the same time, the design of the neckline is also a small highlight.


The V -shaped neckline reveals slender necks and sexy collarbone, which can easily make the shape a lot brighter, and it will also make the casual shape a little more feminine.

At the same time, the small split design at the neckline is unique and cute. The solid item is only because of this small design. The design with a little folds has more layered sense, and the effect of the slim meat is particularly ideal.

Even the highlights of dark items will still look a little dull even if there are some small details. Therefore, it is as good as possible to integrate as much as possible, like Ma Sichun’s small fresh skirt, sweet and cute, very girly.

Obvious color hedge, showing a strong visual impact. The overall feeling of steady and sweet, refreshing and more age reduction. Very clever matching combination, which shows long legs and long legs.

Even if the basic T -shirt is chosen to choose a printed model, it still can’t avoid wearing a normal sense. Then try to use the method of stacking to create a rich sense of layering and make the shape look more fashionable.


The dark blue printed T -shirt, with a white tall long -necked long sleeves, easily makes the shape more layered. At the same time, the light -colored brightening effect is used, so that the dark shape is no longer dull and stereotyped. The black half -body skirt showed a side, which played a good role in improving the focus. The color of the entire shape has a progressive sense, and it can easily achieve the effect of significant and thin.

For women with a slightly fat body, although it feels a bit fleshy, the overall feeling is very well -proportioned. Such a loose and hidden meat item will highlight the advantages of slightly fat bodies.

But for a slightly fat body, how to avoid the swelling of loose style is the key issue to choose a single product. This T -shirt like Ma Sichun is relatively thin, and it looks very soft and pure. Without that kind of edge, the line of lines is stronger and thin.

The short skirt of the lower body uses a local plugged corner to wear, which does not affect the small flesh on the body, but also makes the shape more layered, which is conducive to the visual high vision. Compared with the disappearance of the popular beam, this way of wearing is more suitable for women with a slightly fat body.

Pure -colored items will have a sense of overall sense, and it will also make the shape more tasteful. It is a choice of creating a simple style. So if you want to look more colorful, the creation of layered sense is particularly important. Especially for women with a slightly fat body, this is one of the skills that cannot be ignored. The pony’s private server is worthy of reference, and the fashion has a taste.

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