In addition to the down and cotton jackets, the horn buckle coat is warm and has a graceful.

Winter without a coat is incomplete. Compared with the bloated down jackets, bread clothes and cotton jackets, it can be said to be the hardest core items in winter.

In the coat, it is the most characteristic of the horn buckle coat. The 40 -year -old man wears more age.

Compared with ordinary coats, the horn buckle coat benefits from the advantages of the version, fashionable and age -reducing, and middle -aged men can achieve a younger effect.

Of course, if you want to better control the horn buckle coat, you start with understanding it.

1. The characteristics of the horn buckle coat


Corner buckle coat is also called duffle coat


The army was born with the toughness and quality of men. It can be seen that “only naive men only wear horn buckle coats” are pure fallacy.

The reason why the horn buckle is coveted by many men is inseparable from the characteristics and advantages of its version.

The orthodox horn buckle coat has the following four characteristics:


1) Using duffle coarse fabric

2) The hooded and bucking neck belt design

3) Large buckle -like goblin

4) Pockets on both sides are close to the length of the knee


And today’s horn buckle coats, after modern interpretation, there are more choices in length, such as short horn buckle coats that are more suitable for small people. The horn buckle has been there.

2. How to choose a horn buckle coat?

For 40 -year -old middle -aged men, jeans are the first choice for solid color as much as possible, fashionable and versatile and temperament.

The earth color is the most classic color of the horn buckle coat, such as khaki, camel, caramel color, etc.

With the gentle and warm attributes, the only disadvantage is that the men with deeper skin tone are not very friendly. The whiter the skin can wear the skin color, the more advanced.

In conservative neutral colors, 40 -year -old men are recommended

Avoid black and white

, Slightly old -fashioned or not calm enough.

In contrast,

Dark gray

In terms of color attributes and style shaping, they are more in line with the aesthetic standards of middle -aged men. They are mature and stable but have a trace of high -level sense.

In addition to the classic color system, wearing the bottom -up and stylish expression is better, you can choose

Red, checkered, camouflage and other fashion models

At the same time, the age is more trendy.



Horn -collar horn buckle coat


It is not suitable for men with a pure phase and slender figure. It is easy to weaken the original man’s spirit.

If it is a man who is not outstanding, it is recommended to choose a short version of the horn buckle coat. Although the length of the waist position does not have the taste of the orthodox horn buckle coat, it can be used.

Improve the waistline, divide the effect of the body proportion of the upper and lower body, and achieve the purpose of being significantly thinner


Third, the matching ideas of the horn buckle coat

Horn buckle coat+high -necked sweater

The length of the middle and long horn buckle coats are just in the knee position. Inner high -necked sweaters to create a simple and stylish stacking effect. White casual pants and sweaters echo the color, and the overall shape will not appear messy.


Dark coffee retro leather shoes and khaki horn buckle coats, the earth color echoes the upper and bottom of the earth to further enhance the sense of layering. The overall color is simple and comfortable. It is very suitable for autumn and winter seasons.


Horn buckle coat+jacket+shirt

Generally speaking, the version of the horn buckle coat is loose, and you can choose different styles of clothing as the internal clothing to create a rich stacking effect.

Take a short jacket and shirt inside, taking into account the stacking shape of leisure and formal sense. It can be easily controlled by daily commuting or workplace. You only need to take off your jacket in the room, and it is still decent.


Horn buckle coat+vest+shirt


If a man with a slightly fat body, you can choose to wear a thin and thin section. The vest vest stacked to wear a shirt, and the horn buckle coat will not look bloated and expose the shortcomings of the figure. The lower body is paired with jeans and leather shoes. Essence


The naive man is just wearing a horn buckle coat. It is better to say that you are not mature enough! The horn buckle coat comes with fashion age reduction attributes. A 40 -year -old man is dressed in age and advanced. At the same time, he can also show the image of the elegant gentleman.

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