Just because this action is forgotten, his family is burned to be completely recognized

16:15 on December 16th

A resident’s home in Puyang County, Chongqing City

There are constant smoke pouring out of the window

After receiving the alarm

Puyang County Fire Rescue Brigade Command Center

Immediately dispatched firefighter warriors

Go to the scene for rescue

Firefighters rushed to the scene for rescue

After the firefighters arrived at the scene

It is found that the entire house has been burned and black

The initial fire has been controlled by the property and the owner

There are some remaining fires in the room

Ready to implement rescue

See this situation

Firefighters immediately use water guns

Suppress the fire site


After more than ten minutes of disposal

Fire is completely controlled

Firefighters are dealing with the fire fire

To prevent the room from reunited

Firefighters conducted a comprehensive investigation of the on -site Yin Burning Point

Due to timely rescue

The fire is not affected by the surrounding residents


A comprehensive investigation of the yin -combustion point on the scene


Fire location in the living room


Both of the couple have gone out at the time of the incident

Do not turn off the electric fire barrel before leaving home

High temperature causes surrounding combustible materials


Cause this fire

Fortunately no casualties

Affected by geographical environment

The wet and cold area of ​​the Yangtze River in southeast of my country

And the people in Gaohan Mountains


Winter often uses electric fire bucket heating

In these areas

Electric fire barrel has become a must -have heater for every family

After use, it is easy to forget to turn off the heater

Make it one of the important reasons for the winter fire

Electric barrel

If the electric fire barrel is not used properly

It will become the culprit of high fire incidence

The following points should be achieved:

Electric fire barrel fire defense tips


It is not recommended to use electro -barrels to warm in private places.

The use of electric fire barrels for heating is prohibited in public places.

The use of an electric barrel must be used to get off the electricity cutting, remove the quilt and other coverage.

Children and the elderly who have lost their ability to use their ability to use electro -barrels at home should pay special attention to safety.


Family fire prevention is very important.

Check out if you leave home, turn off the gas and pull the power gate

Don’t be afraid of electrical appliances, pull the electric gate first down first

The electrical line is checked regularly, and it will be no dangerous for a long time

Source: Chongqing Fire Rescue Corps All -Media Center Puyang Fire

Text: Chen Qiwei


Edit: Zhou Yingshan

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