One machine is multi -purpose, which can be used for red wine and beer.

I do n’t know if you have experienced red wine. Anyway, I do n’t like to cook red wine, because this is completely a technical job. Take a manual hippocampus bottle open wine to open the wine, which takes a lot of effort to plug out the bottle. If you are not lucky, you may still pull the bottle plug. At this time, it is very embarrassing. The bottle plug can’t be pulled out and can’t be pushed, and the red wine I want to drink can’t drink it. The biggest regret in life may be there.

But now you let me boil red wine, maybe I will rush up for the first time, because with it

Circle joy


Round bottle driver, an electric wine bottle. In fact, Yuanle has launched a variety of affordable red wine bottle opening, and this is the latest product launched by Yuanle. Its full name is the Circle Joy Berry Beer Red Wine Two Bottle Open. From its name, you It can be seen that its purpose can be opened with red wine and beer. Let me take you to understand how this new product is used.

The rounded beer red wine two -in -one bottle opening is a cylindrical type with a length of about 25cm and a moderate weight. From the pictures taken, it can be seen that its overall design is very simple and textured. It mainly uses stainless steel+ABS material, and the overall workmanship is also very good. The black ABS section is performed with delicate dumb oil coating. The stainless steel part is also used in the exquisite brushed process. Not only does the bottle opening machine more shiny, but the grip is also very comfortable.

Like most electric bottle drivers, the round music beer red wine two -in -one bottle opening also designed a CD laser pattern electric button at one third of the top position. Press this button directly to start the bottle. Press the upper part of the electrical button to the retreat mode, and press the lower part of the electric button to the bottle opening mode.

Some electric bottle drivers are powered by lithium batteries, and the rounded beer red wine two-in-one bottle opening uses a built-in battery. The charging interface is located on the back of the bottle opening machine. With the packaging, there is also a Type-C charging cable. In order to identify the charging state, a charging indicator light is also set up above the charging interface of the charging interface of the rounded beer red wine. The blue light is on indicating that it is charging, and about 50 bottles of red wine can be opened at a time.

For red wine bottle, the rounded beer red wine two -in -one bottle opening also comes with a tin foil knife, which is inlaid at the bottom of the bottle opening machine. The tin cutting knife can be used directly. In addition, you can see the spiral hook of the bottle opening machine when you remove the tin cutter knife. Because it is directly exposed to the component of the bottle plug, and it may be exposed to the wine, Yuanle directly uses food -grade contact materials and Teflonon The material can be directly contacted with the liquor, and it is more assured to use.

In the past, we might tear off the tin foil of the bottle mouth first. After with the tin cutter knife, the inner mouth with a blade is directly attached to the bottle mouth, and then clamped with the fingers and rotated the tin cutter knife to easily and beautiful. Cut the tin foil hat. In order to use the safety, the tin -cut blade of the blade has been specially debugged by hundreds of times to ensure that it can easily cut the tin hat without scratching the fingers.

After cutting the tin foil, hold the wine bottle with your left hand, hold the rounded beer red wine two -in -one bottle, and align the spiral hook at the bottom to the mouth of the bottle mouth, and then press the electric button to start the bottle opening machine to start the bottle opening machine. Essence Because the rounded beer red wine two -in -one bottle opening uses a high -precision mute motor with strong torque, you must hold the bottle body when using it. You can quickly and complete the bottle plug quickly and completely in about 8 seconds.

After removing the bottle plug, press the electric button above, the spiral hook will exit the bottle plug from the bottle. It can be said that the entire process of using Yuanle Beer Red Wine Two Bottle Open Plugs is smooth. If it is a kind of torture if it is used to use the traditional sea -horse knife to open red wine, then the use of Yuanle beer red wine two -in -one bottle opening device is really true. It is a kind of enjoyment.

So how do I open the beer for the two -in -one bottle opening of the rounded beer? The answer is on its top. The top of the rounded beer red wine two -in -one bottle opening is hollowed out. The precision spring structure is set in it. There are also magnets on the side. After opening the beer bottle cap, the bottle cap is attached to avoid the bottle cap.


Compared to opening red wine, Yuanle Beer Red Wine Two Bottle Open beer is simpler. It can be seen through the demonstration of the moving map. You only need to put the beer red wine two -in -one bottle opening on the beer bottle cap. Press the bottle that can quickly unveil the bottle cap, and because the magnets are built -in magnets, the bottle cap is firmly adsorbed on the bottle opening. Is it more convenient than a manual bottle cap?

In general, after using Yuanle Beer Red Wine Two -in -one bottle, it makes me feel that opening red wine and beer bottle cap has become particularly simple. The two -in -one design is really novel and very practical. The most important thing is that the price of Yuanle Beer Red Wine Two Bottle Open is not expensive, and some

The price of an entry -level bottle without opening a multifunctional bottle is similar, and the price -performance ratio is really very high. Friends who like it can try to start.


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Yuanle Two -in -one bottle opening

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