Mao Amin leads his aunt to mix and match fashion, wear Tang -assembly leggings and walk away from the airport, completely get rid of the aunt feel

Women who enter middle -aged and elderly people should wear them, don’t blindly pursue flowers, and don’t always wear those who look very dull. Proper coloring is necessary. Like Mao Amin, wearing one

Black Tangguo jacket with a simple white tulle top

House, choose the lower body

Tight leggings


Matching, fashionable and charm, not old at all.

Highlight 1: Simple black and white matching

For middle -aged and elderly women, do not integrate too much color on the body. Simple black and white matching is the best. You must learn to do subtracts for yourself. Classic black and white matching is not only fashionable and high -level, but also brings very strong ones. Visual impact, like Mao Amin chooses to set the black as the main color, which can bring a very low -key and stable temperament. The white inside of the heart is exposed, and it will not be covered by it.

Highlight 2: The choice of inside

Because you go out everyday, you still have to be very comfortable when choosing to wear. Mao Amin chose a clear tulle top. It uses a relatively low -cut design and has a high perspective. She paired a gray tube top in the light yarn top, which not only created a full level, but also played a certain cover role, which would not make you too exposed.

Highlight 3: Tangguang Jacket

The jacket in this body is a highlight. It uses the tailoring of Tang suit and combines the classic Chinese style neckline and button. This can create a full classic charm from the details. Mao Amin’s age will make you exuding a quiet temperament of the years. It is particularly calm and will not give people suspicion of deliberate tenderness.

Highlight 4: The inner danger of the coat

Although this jacket is black, its inner tendon uses a large piece of rose red, and it also makes a circle of hooks with fluorescent yellow prints full of national style. The method of wearing is the same as Mao Amin, and it can be raised a lot for the overall color. Because it is just a small area of ​​embellishment, it will not make people feel too much.

Highlight 5: The matching of tight leggings


The version of the upper body is still relatively loose, so combined with the “upper Panasonic tightness” matching rule, it is better to choose a tight leggings of the same color system in the lower body. It will completely outline your slender leg outline to allow Your good figure can be displayed, and it also creates a sense of firming, which will not make your whole person bloated because of fluffy wear.

As a female singer, Mao Amin also has a very high accomplishment in fashion. If you like her in front of the screen, you can learn to wear with her. Women of the same age can be worn completely.


Let’s take a look at Mao Amin’s fashion matching, and the matching templates of middle -aged and elderly women:


Pink satin “pajamas style” set

Pink is a difficult color for most women,

Because it is particularly black


, It is only suitable for white and beautiful little fairy. If you can control it, you can learn from Mao Amin,

Try the satin -made pajamas style suit

, Can not only show a certain sense of nobleness, but also show a bit of the overall style

Lazy beauty

, Especially atmospheric.

Selection of a suit


For women of Mao Amin, this age,

Do you want to do your own dresses, do not blindly pursue fancy


If you need to attend some very important activities, try orthodox suit, it will make you make you

Empered with intellectual and elegant temperament

You can use a slightly loose version,

This way its meat is good


There will be no high requirements for body figure.

You can also use

Contrasting design

For example, choose a black suit above,

But fusion of orange in pants

This can also bring a strong visual impact.


Off -the -shoulder dress

For mature women,


Delo skin design is necessary

It will show you a small white and delicate skin, let you emit you delicate and sexy femininity, and the off -the -shoulder outfits are divided into many types, if you

Don’t want to expose too much

If you use it, use it

Oblique shoulder design



Tailor of the big V neckline

, They will not expose your shortcomings,


You can also wrap the meat.

Bagiative of shirt


Shirts are a single item for fashionable women. We can choose to wear it when going out, which will give people very much

Refreshing and neat feeling

You can also in the cold autumn and winter seasons

With a gentle knit vest for stacking

, Not only can create a full level, but also bring you an excellent experience, gentle and atmospheric,


There are no restrictions on age.

Fashion is the pursuit of a woman’s lifetime. No matter what age, she cannot give up fashion. Even if she enters the middle -aged and elderly people, she can still glow with extreme glory.

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Mao Amin leads his aunt to mix and match fashion, wear Tang -assembly leggings and walk away from the airport, completely get rid of the aunt feel

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