How can we wear flat shoes with the hottest long coat? 8 high -heeled short boots make you have an aura

Velvet bow short boots


Spiral fine heels, exquisite bows of shoe mouth, echoed metal heel heels, velvet leather texture, Britain, Europe and America’s pointed tip is sexy? Very female? Very domineering words, anyway, it is very beautiful, the full queen royal sister fan.


Poopedine and short boots

The fabric of the fluffy and foil stitching fabrics is very textured, fashionable pointed, practical and zipper, superb craftsmanship, good -looking and atmospheric, thin waist, comfortable and durable, so beautiful shoes, a pair of dominance of the audience.

Diamond belt buckle boots


Diamond buckles that are not spiritual or not, simply embellishment, not exaggerated, only delicate, red and black, wearing femininity, ultra -high fine heels, metal inlaid link shoes are very bright and reflecting taste.

Round head fine heel boots


European and American round -headed Martin boots, classic plaids, high -quality leather, colored, fine heel and high waterproof platform, shoe waist with metal belt buckle, high -end products, carefully created, very big, very fashionable, love.


Velvet pointed short boots


The overall design is simple and generous, embellished with a small metal element, highlighting the fashion trend, and the back -to -hee spliced ​​snake skin surface. The stitching curved is very designed and then matched with the waist skin noodles, revealing the faint wild beauty.

Fruits fine heel boots

磨砂小圆头的小巧,加高防水台也不显得笨重,细跟绒面,小女人,侧拉链和及裸高度又成熟知性,各色可选,单绒可选,给的就是全面,穿的It is temperament.

Pure color with velvet boots

Atmospheric high -heeled Martin boots, the front and back of the personality seams, sexy round heads, non -slip outsole, goddess fan, European and American fan, high heels and high -heeled waterproof stations are very comfortable. High heels must not only be beautiful, but also comfortable.


European and American pointed boots

Pointed naked boots, the upper is ultra -fine fiber, and the high -quality velvet inside, each detail is perfect, so you deserve you, the rubber band mouth, comfortable and thin, mature women’s flavor to you.

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