World of Warcraft: Classic Elimination Phantom Renewal Reappearance -Dark Difia suit acquisition process strategy

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Once out of print illusion



Dark Difia

Getting process of set. I still like this set of illusion. The head is Noo Mergen boss

Sticky radiation dust

The falling dwarf respiratory (a little bit of color but not affecting the whole)

Showing career is a monk


Note: This set of illusion needs to be used


Crazy thief unlock

After unlocking

All -leather armor occupation is available.

The display weapon is the blade of assassination







The location below. Ordinary and heroes can be. It is best to sneak all the way to kill the boss without killing the mobs. Because the subsequent tasks are to kill mobs to take the task product.


You will see the ghost state

Green wing parrot,

At this time you summoned a small pet

The hook icon will appear on the screen.

Click the icon to the position below. Talk to buddies in the red circle.

Receive the task -blood staining the sea. Mission content: Collect 100 blood dyed Diffia headscarves.

These headscarves were dropped by small and small mobs. If you are not collected at a time, please reset it, and come again.

Finally talk about it

This little pet is the mobs of the death mines. The drop efficiency of 1.3 (from the 178 database) AH is also refreshed, and the price depends on the seller’s mood. This is a very common little pet. At the end of the article, the newly dropped mount, although it was ugly.

Kings fall

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Green wing parrot,

Green wing parrot,

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