The Spring Festival is approaching, a woman should be paired with a shawl

As soon as you mention the shawl, people will think of people in the 1930s and 1940s. Because they liked to wear cheongsam at that time. Then take a shawl outside. Suddenly more women’s charm.

There are many types of shawls now. The shawl of the mink, the wool shawl, and the cashmere shawl. There is a shawl with sleeves very practical. The coat is very warm. Young people are also suitable for this.

What style clothes are suitable for shawl?

Most of the stars like shawls. For example, they like the shawls when wearing a evening dress, some are mink’s shawls and cashmere shawls. After all, most of the stars are mostly ordinary women. How are we suitable for matching. It is a shawl if you want to wear cheongsam. Based on the color of the cheongsam with a shawl of different colors. For example, wearing a light -colored cheongsam and a bright shawl. You can also wear a wool or long dress with a shawl.

Sleeve shawl

In recent years, such a sleeve shawl has been popular. A few days ago, I watched a live broadcast of goods and sold cashmere. This is suitable for this clothes to wear. The more fashionable shawl can be significantly young and not old -fashioned. Also graceful and luxurious.

When you are Chinese New Year, you must buy a festive shawl. It will be more festive.

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