Bronze Collection: Review of Jue Cup during the Shang and Zhou Dynasties

Marquis, early Western Zhou Dynasty

Jue was a kind of drinking utensils in ancient my country. It is called the Cup. In the monarchy, the monarchy is the status of the title. The Jue talked about today is a three -legged drinking utensil “Jue Cup”. The Jue Cup is equivalent to today’s wine glasses. The material is bronze. It was used only in the aristocratic class in ancient times. It is also a very precious cultural relic and belongs to the national three -level cultural relics.

The shape of the Jue Cup is generally, the front tip is tilted, and the mouth is skimmed. There is an umbrella -shaped column between the mouth and the flow. However, the styling of the Jue Cup has also changed minor changes in each period. For example, the early Jue of the Shang Dynasty was the flat bottom, narrow and long, and although the tail of the middle of the Shang Dynasty was similar to the early days, the flow has been relaxed and the circular bodies have appeared. Jue Peace Bian Bi Jue came out together, but in general, the number of flat body malls is small. In the early Western Zhou Dynasty, there were some characteristics. The shape of the body was different. However, the front end of the flow on both sides was higher than the back end.


Father Xinjue

In ancient times, Jue was not only used in utensils, but also used as a ceremony. There are many ancient crafts making ancient use of gifts. At present, the main shapes of the ancients on the market are. The father Xin Jue, unearthed from the bronze kiln, also has the Shang Dynasty. The article comes from the China Calendar Collection Appraisal Center. It is a legal third -party professional appraisal platform in my country.


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