How big is the volume of square dance? The reporter measured many venue audio “burst tables”

Sound of pile machine on the construction site,

The sound of high decibel speakers of square dance,

Cutting sound of the chainsaw of the building materials store …

From late February to one month from mid -March,

Media hotline and major network platforms

Complaints about noise disturbing the people continue.

For those who are more prominent


Plaza dancers to disturb the people,

Construction site construction disturbance people and other phenomena,

The reporter will be interviewed on the spot,

Report all parties to explore the problem of problem solving.

On March 25, outside a community in Longgang, residents danced with a sound. Photo by Yang Shaokun, a reporter from Shenzhen Special Economic Zone

The square dance here is too crazy


The sound of disturbing the people is also “overbearing”

“The big horn at the gate of the supermarket is too powerful, there is no way to watch the TV when opening the window, and children can’t write homework. Sometimes they even jump to 10 pm.” 60 decibels, noise pollution can be imagined, far exceeding the statutory standards, noisy babies can’t sleep, adults will collapse! “This is the helplessness of Axiang and neighborhoods in the neighborhoods near the Liantang China Resources Vanguard.

“The community police came to inspect, and they converged. When they didn’t inspect, I felt heart discomfort across the street.” In early March this year, the dance group and other dance teams competed in the dancer and danced. It’s very loud, A Xiang said.

At more than 7 pm on March 23, the reporter just arrived at the intersection of Jucai Road and Juba Zhi Road, and there were more than ten meters away from China Resources Supermarket. He heard the high -frequency rhythm of “咚 呲 呲”. Close, I saw the four or five pairs of middle -aged men and women on the roadside was following the fun dance of the music drum. A sound branch of more than a half meters high was on the side of the road. The reporter was seven or eight meters away, and the mobile phone decibel device was measured for more than 30 seconds, with an average decibel of 90.

At the entrance of China Resources Supermarket, a group of dance team wearing red sportswear has more than 50 people visually, and it is a three -rural jumping the beauty exercise on the parallel station on the sidewalk. There are three dance teams on the other sidewalks on the other side of them, with the number of people ranging from 20 to 40 respectively. They also put different music and danced different dance steps. The reporter measured twice more volume, with an average decibel 86 at a time, 74 at a time.

The square dance team on the sidewalk on the sidewalk of China Resources Wanjia, Liantang Jubaozu. Photo by Wang Xiaohu, a reporter from Shenzhen Special Economic Zone

Multiple square dance fields measured:

Audio decibels exceed the national standard

There are many citizens who are deeply plagued by the noise of the square dance as Axiang. The sound decibels of many square dance venues visited by the reporters exceeded the standard. At more than 9 am on February 23, the average decibel of the dance of the Square Plaza on the small square of the street in Baishizhou Metro Station A was 71 on February 23rd. In the morning and night, the sound measurement was repeatedly measured, and the average decibel value of the dance team was 80 at the nearby dance team. The average decibel on the roadside of the residential building was 73. At 8 o’clock on the evening of March 23, it was under the overpass of Honggui Road, the south gate of the People’s Park. The average decibel 83 is measured from the dance team near the nearby team, and the roadside average dating of 74 near the residential building is 74.

在梅林中康公园走访时,记者看到公园广场上设置有广场舞温馨提示牌,其中第3条提示,根据国家发布的《社会生活噪音排放标准》相关规定,广场舞音乐声源(扬声器、 Audio and so on) The volume must not exceed 60 decibels, and it must not exceed 50 decibels at night.

Citizen support:

Establish noise decibel detector

Draw the dance farm away from the residential area

“I have seen a lot of dancing, and I haven’t seen this momentum, and the two sides of the road are full.” Said a brother waiting for a guest on the roadside. The reporter talked to him. He said: “Maybe there is nowhere to jump nearby. The streets should think of some ways to provide them with some places far away from the residential area.”

Axiang and the neighborhood also said that everyone can understand that the middle -aged and elderly people dancing can be understood. What is unbearable is large volume and occupation of public space, affecting others.

Enthusiastic netizens support suggestions: You can install noise decibel detectors in the park and square. Once the volume exceeds the standard, the real -time warning prompts can be provided to provide dancing for middle -aged and elderly people; If the persuasion does not correct, it is fined.

Content source: Shenzhen Special Economic Zone News

Source: Shenzhen News Network

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