2021 The most worthwhile spring and summer foundation for buying! No one can escape these 6 models

Hello everyone ~ I took a look at the 2021 spring and summer makeup new makeup some time ago. In fact, this year’s spring and summer base makeup products are also worth looking forward to!


The foundation of the liquid foundation is not just pursuing white and concealer, but more and more particular about it ~ It has become a trend for serving and skin care. Essence Buying a powder foundation that suits your skin will always have the real value of this money!

Today, I will take a look at the new foundation foundation launched by the 2021 big names in spring and summer! Come and see which one is best for you ~


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Givenchy just released a high -definition liquid foundation of the “Dark Save Star” high -definition liquid foundation this year -a total of 3 colors and 12 color numbers.


This is a moisturizing and externally moisturizing skin mask. It contains soft light reflected particles and transmitting coconut oil. It can blend light and base makeup. The upper face presents a transparent natural soft light makeup.


It also adds the essence and natural plant glycerin, which is particularly moisturizing and moisturized. It is also a major feature of antioxidant.

If you want to drive away the dull skin, you can try this transparent soft makeup foundation base ~



CPB2021 Spring and Summer New Products produced a drilling liquid foundation “Teint Fluide éclat Naturel”, a total of 8 colors, 35ml, and a sunscreen index with SPF25 and PA ++.

Its inspiration comes from the light of diamonds. Listening to the name should know its main makeup. The face will show a very good -looking lady’s glossy muscle, which can modify the skin’s unevenness and uneven skin tone.

This liquid foundation is like the texture of the essence. It is very easy to push away. It is also a proper skin care foundation. It can also bring the skin to the skin when applying makeup ~


Some babies may not be distinguished from the foundation of the liquid foundation that it produced in the fall of 2020. In fact, last year was the matte version of the liquid foundation. This is moisturizing the water and light version. This one ~

This time, there is also a sponge egg for makeup, a large inclined cutting surface, and the feel is very soft ~ This shape is still quite practical. The oblique cut surface can be paved in large areas. Small details, there is also a supporting sponge egg base.


Lunasol’s spring makeup produces two base makeup products.


No exception, this is also a moisturizing makeup effect. It is a creamy liquid foundation, showing a very shiny and clear water makeup effect. It is really good to watch the gloss of the model map ~

The official said that the foundation will be well fused with the skin, as high as transparent and watery like water ~ This light muscle is really exciting, but this highly transparent clear makeup effect is generally suitable for skin flaws. Many girls, others are obedient to use a concealer to use it!

There is also a pre -makeup milk ~ comes with SPF15, PA+sunscreen value, it is enough to daily life in spring ~ This makeup is suitable for dry skin, it will make the skin show weak water and light muscles, smoothing the bumpy skin of the pores. , Help the skin create a more smooth and transparent feeling ~




RMK’s new foundation this year is really spent ~ 2021 spring new product series launched color foundation, including white, green, yellow, purple, etc. It can be said to stand out in a crowded beige foundation, which is quite eye -catching ~

But in fact, think about it, this is not the concept of color concealer, a bit of concealer and foundation with foundation ~ different colors of foundation for different skin problems, more targeted to modify the skin.


#01 White foundation can brighten the overall skin;#02 Purple foundation is suitable for dark yellow skin, and the luster is softer;#03 Coral color is suitable for black and dull skin such as dark circles, making the skin look healthier and rosy; #04 yellow is suitable for dull skin with tea;


There should not be too obvious differences between the face of 20ml per bottle.

It also contains moisturizing ingredients such as rose fruit oil. It can be seen from the dropper and official map that the liquidity of the foundation texture should be particularly good, and it is particularly moist ~ the upper face is clear.


It also launched the new RMK AIRY Touch new makeup powder, with a total of 3 colors,#P01 pearl light,#01 transparent colorless model,#02 brightening skin white, which is most suitable for dry muscles.


The three models are highly transparent makeup effects. The box has a puff with a puff. The face of the face is not strong, which is also naturally hanging. It is very suitable for the clearness of spring.



Shiseido’s smart foundation has always been well reputated. Those who often watch live broadcasts should know that Li Jiaqi has recommended it many times ~ In 2021, it was launched again -the new super -evolving light firming liquid foundation.

The new version of the muscle should be the main adaptation of the light, and the old version is a bit fogy. The new moderator has a sense of light makeup, and the foundation glass bottle has also become a transparent texture. Drypi treasures finally have a chance to rush ~


The new model is also intelligent, and the concealment power is good. It comes with SPF30, PA ++++ sunscreen value. The number of plus numbers looks a bit good ~ A total of 30 color numbers have been launched worldwide.

There is also a brand new isolation. At the moment of the upper face, it will change from the milk texture to the texture of the moisturizing powder. It focuses on the oil control effect and invisible pores to prevent the generation of excess oil. It can be used by dry skin oil, which is suitable for summer!


Suqqu this spring and summer makeup is indeed a bit suspected of fried rice, but the product of the base makeup is quite worth looking forward to ~

The base makeup spirit comes from the smooth glaze on the ceramic surface. It sounds pretty good. Last fall, SUQQU’s makeup was inspired by silk texture. I really eat them in the concept ~

The new makeup products in 2021 include powder and makeup, which can modify the rough and unevenness of the skin surface, creating a smooth transparent porcelain light skin like porcelain ~

Glow Powder Foundation Powder has a transparent slightly pearl light, which is a more textured gloss. It is not the kind of transparent and clear girl makeup effect. The thickness is moderate. Essence However, its core and powder shells need to be sold separately.


The official said that it is not easy to be stunned by the mask, which attracts me too! Every time I spent an hour, I turned out the exquisite makeup. After I took a mask and took it off, I really didn’t want to experience the pain of taking off my makeup! If you can really prevent the mask from getting rid of it, it’s great ~

2021 New Gauze foundation is recommended here ~

Which one do you look forward to?

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