Well -known children’s shoes are exploded to contain “toxic” ingredients to buy clothes for children, be sure to see this logo

After Laba, it is the year, and it will turn on the child to prepare new clothes and new shoes to buy and buy. But many parents were two days ago

#Children’s shoes sample contains children’s precocious precocious ingredients#

The hot search news was scared.

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In fact, it is not just a back force children’s shoes.

Children’s shoes, children’s and infant clothing, backbags, roller skates, rain boots, glasses racks, swimming glasses, sunglasses, toilet paper and other 51 products


Among them, 90 batches of children’s shoes products produced by 90 companies.

The report shows,

The 15 batches of children’s shoes products are unqualified. In addition to the excessive standards involved in the brands involved in phenyamate, there are 8 other children’s shoe brands also exceed the standard. The specific details are as follows:

Source: State Administration of Market Supervision

Because the brand is well -known, the news title is directly reported by “back force”. Some people have begun to criticize back force children’s shoes and only do not pay attention to quality. Presumably this wave of news will definitely have a significant impact on the backbone brand.

Some people have questioned the news of the report:

What is the dysharite? How does it absorb into the body? Will the demental amphenolate in the shoe cause precocious prematureness?

At the end of the year, almost all parents will give the baby new clothes. Today, Duda will tell you about these issues and what you need to pay attention to when buying clothes and shoes for your baby.

What are the dangers of deododerate?

Diabenate is a plasticizer

It is a chemical additive used by producing plastic products. Adding this chemical additive can increase the plasticity and flexibility of plastic and increase the strength of plastic products.

知名童鞋被爆含有“有毒”成分 给孩子买衣物,一定要看这个标识

Therefore, they are widely used in hundreds of products such as toys, food packaging materials, medical blood bags and rubber pipes, shoes, and personal care products.

Shoes contain phenyl amelate, which may be related to the glue of the shoes. So what are the dangers of phthalate?

Since the 20th century, researchers have strengthened the research on population epidemiological research on deotonate toxic acid on the basis of laboratory research.


Studies believe that phthalate may have an impact on the reproductive system of men and women.

However, other studies have shown that babies who have been taken care of for neonatal care and long -term (14 ~ 16 years) have in vitro cycling membrane oxygen combination (the above two cases of phenyl acid ester exposure) sexual behavior and fertility status There is no abnormality, NTPCenter evaluation report

Diabenate has a small impact on human reproductive functions in most cases.

知名童鞋被爆含有“有毒”成分 给孩子买衣物,一定要看这个标识

As for carcinogenicity, studies have shown that phthalate can cause the hyperplasia of the liver peroxidase of rodents, which can eventually lead to liver cancer, but in the end

WHO re -attribute DEHP (one of phthalate) from the previous 2B category (“” may cause cancer “) (” existing evidence cannot classify human carcinogenicity “).

Diabenate was finally confirmed,

It may have toxicity to the organism of the organism,

If you can weaken rats reverse memory.

In addition, if the mother’s metabolic products in the urine during pregnancy are high and the child’s positioning ability is poor, it is prompted that it may be toxic for children’s nervous system.

As for the impact on human immunity, although there are many experimental data on the impact of phthalate on rodent’s immune function, the results are large. Animal experiments show that the acute toxicity of DEHP is relatively low.

Patients with acute poisoning symptoms due to acute poisoning symptoms in the crowd information are currently not considering acute poisoning.

Popular epidemiological research also found,

知名童鞋被爆含有“有毒”成分 给孩子买衣物,一定要看这个标识

The exposure of phthalate is related to obesity and type II diabetes, as well as increased incidence of children’s asthma, but it cannot be determined that it is causal.

Therefore, although the bonhane is notorious, the negative impact it brings cannot be given a positive answer. But the answer does not mean that there is no need to worry. The specifications for demental amphenolate abroad are very strict:

知名童鞋被爆含有“有毒”成分 给孩子买衣物,一定要看这个标识

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission requires in the “Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act”

Six types of phenyl -dharoblate plasticizers are prohibited for children’s toys and child care products. The content does not exceed 0.1%. These six types include DEHP/DBP/BBZP/DINP/DNOP.

The EU stipulates in the latest guidance standards in January 2007,

All children’s toys and clothing are used in PVC materials, limited to use DEHP/DBP/BBZP, put into the items in the mouth, and also limited DINP/DIDP/DNOP. The six components must not exceed 0.1%. The products involved include not only toys/costumes and care products of infants and children within March, but also that children in other ages may put imports in imports.

知名童鞋被爆含有“有毒”成分 给孩子买衣物,一定要看这个标识

my country’s “Food Container/Packaging Materials Sanitary Standards for Processing Supply for Machining Unite” stipulates that

DEHP can be used as plasticizers as plastic/glass/coatings/adhesives and rubber, with a maximum usage of 40%, but it has not made special regulations in food and packaging foods.

Although China ’s blacklist contains three types of deotonate, it does not clearly specify the content of phthalate.

Therefore, it is difficult for consumers to see the content of this substance from the product description.

Because domestic regulations are not rigorous, it is also difficult for enterprises to produce deotonate -based products at present.

Moreover, it is difficult for parents to judge whether they have bought children with phthalates. If domestic quality inspections are referenced by foreign standards, most of the products used by children cannot escape the outcome of exceeding the standard.

Back force children’s shoes really lead to precocious puberty?

The “precocious puberty” in the news makes many parents feel anxious. In recent years, the harm of the baby’s eating, drinking, and fun has been pulled out of childhood precocity. What kind of puberty is it? Does this time back shoes really worry us?

Sexual precocity refers to the second sexual development of male children before the age of 9 when female children are 8 years old, which is called precocious puberty.

According to the pathogenesis and clinical manifestations,

Puitive precocious is divided into central precocious puberty and peripheral precocious puberty. In the past, it was called true puberty and pseudo -precocious puberty.

As for the cause,

Central precocious puberty is mainly due to the quality lesions of the neuroma system, such as the lower mound brain/pituitary tumor or other central nervous system lesions, or transform from peripheral premature


No found in organic lesions, which is called a characteristic central precocious puberty, is not clear at present.


Peripheral precocious precocity, mostly caused by a boy or girl, mostly caused by organic diseases.

The cause is as follows:

It can be seen very clearly,

The cause of precocious puberty is no phthama acidic acid

When children and products containing phthalate

Intimate contact

(For example, it may be put in the mouth in the mouth) and

The contact time is long enough, which can cause its dissolution exceeding the level of safety and damage children’s liver and kidneys. Make boys’ dysfunction of sexual organs, testicular dysfunction, feminize the characteristics of boys, causing premature premature sex, and early development of the breast.

The news stated that “the samples of back children’s shoes containing early maturity that can cause children to be childhood” is not very rigorous. Parents do not have to be anxious because they have previously purchased related products, and they do not need to wear or buy them. They do not need to take their children for inspection.

Diabenate is really invincible

In fact, deotenerite is still an environmental pollutant,

The pollution of phthalates in my country’s environment is very serious, and water/atmosphere/soil/food/residential environment is a possible exposure way.

知名童鞋被爆含有“有毒”成分 给孩子买衣物,一定要看这个标识

Domestic scholars have detected food discovery,

知名童鞋被爆含有“有毒”成分 给孩子买衣物,一定要看这个标识

Pork liver, duck liver, chicken liver, beef liver, pork heart and other animals can be detected in the internal organs of animals, which can be detected, among them, the highest among beef liver.

In addition, there can be often detecting deotonate in vegetables/daily necessities. It is almost impossible to avoid it completely. and,

The main ways to expose diopenate are food.

I have done relevant analysis abroad,

The most frequent channel for health children to contact phthalate is food, toys, drinks, etc.

The only thing we can do is

Try to choose brand supplies for children,

For some plastic toys that may be imported

Choosing foreign brands may be more reliable or try to buy expensive products. At least, compared to San -free products, their risks are relatively small.

You need to pay attention to buying new clothes and new shoes for your baby

In fact, this time it is not the first time that children’s shoes have been detected by benzide exceeded the standard. Monitoring almost every year, there are unqualified products.

In fact, in addition to phthalate, when buying shoes for your baby,

We also need to pay attention to harmful substances such as formaldehyde.

Because the materials and glue of the shoe contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, tone, formaldehyde and other harmful substances. The baby’s small mouth and nose are very close to the shoes, and it is easy to enter the body through breathing, which can easily lead to various problems with the baby’s respiratory tract and skin.

Buying shoes for your baby, Duda Mom Suggestion

Do not buy the taste of the taste, and do n’t want to buy 20 or thirty shoes for cheap, the cost is low, and the cost will not use good glue or adhesive, and even the materials used are not qualified.

The new shoes need to be dried for a few days, and then wear it without taste.

Duda suggested that it is better to wear a slightly bad clothes for children, and do not give the child’s poor shoes. Shoes are closely related to the development of the baby’s feet.

Some time ago, CCTV inspected 60 kinds of infants and young children’s clothing and was tested.

Among them, 21 kinds of children’s clothing has different degrees of quality problems, and the unqualified rate is as high as 33.3%!

Many mothers like to buy a variety of bright and beautiful clothes for their children. As everyone knows, these beautiful clothes may cause harm to children.

Because in order to achieve good -looking, these clothes will add excess chemicals, such as

Add formaldehyde, you can keep the clothes from shrinking, not affordable, and brighter color; add fluorescent whitening agent to make the yellowed clothes brighter; add the decomposition of aromatic amine dye, which can make the pattern on the clothes more colorful.

Some inferior children’s clothing

There will also be problems such as di metamimamamide, benzene, etc. overdose, and the pH value exceeds the standard.

If children wear these chemical additives to exceed standards or inferior clothes,

知名童鞋被爆含有“有毒”成分 给孩子买衣物,一定要看这个标识

Light stimulates the skin, causing dermatitis, allergies, itching, eczema and other symptoms.

知名童鞋被爆含有“有毒”成分 给孩子买衣物,一定要看这个标识

These harmful substances will also slowly penetrate into the child through the skin and respiratory system, causing damage to the viscera and immune system.

How should we distinguish these harmful substances? There will be no “ingredients” in clothes.

Duda teachs everyone to the easiest way to distinguish, that is

Resolutely don’t buy big clothes.

In addition, when buying clothes for your baby, first of all

Look at the label of the clothes first.

According to the latest provisions of the “National Textile Products Basic Safety Technical Specifications”:

Clothing is divided into three safety levels of A, B, and C.

Only class A products can be worn by infants and young children; clothing that directly contacts the skin should meet the technical requirements of class B products, and clothing that is not directly exposed to the skin should meet the technical requirements of Class C product.

知名童鞋被爆含有“有毒”成分 给孩子买衣物,一定要看这个标识

The labels of high-quality infant clothes will include “infant supplies”, “Class A”, “GB18401-2010” and other words. Choose Class A or B in close clothes for children. The larger children can choose Class C properly.


The fabric is larger than the style, it is best to choose the cotton (Cotton) clothes

Essence Pure cotton clothes are good thermal insulation, hygroscopic, breathable and soft natural fabrics, which are not easy to cause skin allergies.

Furthermore, try not to choose clothes with small ornaments, especially babies under the age of 3.

If there are rhinestones, sequins, rivets, small beads and other decorations on the clothes, once it falls off or is accidentally put into the mouth and ears by the child, it is very dangerous.

In the end, the new clothes must be worn after being washed and exposed.

During the cleaning process, if the clothes are severely fade, it means that the quality of the dye is poor, and it is best not to wear it for children.

We pay more attention to the safety of children’s food than wearing. In fact, clothes are also a necessity for children, and children are closely in contact with clothes every day.

In life, many mothers are reluctant to buy “expensive” clothes for their children because of their children. But Duda really recommends,

I would rather buy a safe and expensive clothes without wearing 10 cheap and inferior clothes. Ning Ke’s children are not fashionable, and they must wear comfortable and safe.

Not only for children, it is never a trivial matter for anyone to dress and eat. Safety is always more important than beautiful.





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