New Fox ST spy photos are exposed, exclusive car paint to pay tribute to the second generation of RS

Recently, some overseas media have exposed a set of new Fox ST real car test spy photos.In terms of the appearance of the new car, the second -generation Fox RS of the classic models is based on the exclusive paint, and at the same time, it has been upgraded in detail design.In terms of appearance, the new car grille adopts a honeycomb structure inside the polygonal style, which is very sporty.According to overseas media, this generation model will not launch the “RS” version.The dual -waist line with the concave tendon design below the door, and the thick double five -spoke wheels and red brake calipers, creating a good sports atmosphere for the overall car.


In terms of power, the new Fox ST will be equipped with a 2.3 -liter turbocharged ECOBOOST gasoline engine. The engine can bring 280 horsepower and 420 Nm power performance.The transmission system matches the 6 -speed manual transmission.

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