There is a fashionable called “white T+jacket” in spring.

Men’s shapes are often mainly simple atmosphere. The heavy clothes on the spring have taken off one by one. Many regions are a thin coat and a bottoming shirt, which is enough to cope with changes in temperature.

After a autumn and winter, Bai T slowly appeared in front of everyone’s eyes, and the thin coat created a variety of fashionable styles. White T itself is also a very versatile item that makes the shape more fashionable when matching in spring.

Use white T as a white T in the shape. It can solve many difficult problems, especially in terms of color treatment, which is very helpful. It can easily make the shape more overall and uniform. neat.


Although the style of white T is very simple, or in the way, it can be used well. Everything in spring will become easier and easily wear different fashion charm.

1. White T with a khaki color tone jacket


The khaki coat is very popular in autumn and winter, but in the early spring, many partners will still use it as the main item to create a fashionable shape.

Although the temperature in spring is gradually rising, the styles such as classic khaki coats, trench coats, and jackets are still very practical, especially with white T. The shape is very simple and atmospheric.


With a khaki coat or windbreaker with white T. At this time, the pants are also very selective. With dark casual pants, trousers, jeans and sports pants, they are perfect combinations. Show a diversified charm.


Second, match short jacket

Spring is also the stage of short jackets. Don’t worry about the items in the closet. When you match it, you only need to choose a white T to create a fashionable style, and the combination is not picky. Even if the figure is not very outstanding, it is not very outstanding It can also wear a perfect effect.


Skinch and white T are very classic combinations. The slim version makes the shape more figure. With jeans and leather boots, the shape is full of masculinity.

The same use of a truck driver jacket with white T shape is also very neat. With a pair of classic khaki pants and youth reduction canvas shoes, the shape of the shape is very good. If you feel that military green is difficult to control, you can also replace it with denim or black, so the shape is easier to control.


Suit and stylish style relaxed and stylish

In the spring, using a suit to create a casual fashion style, and the white T inside is an ideal choice. The simple gentleman also has a sense of fashion, which is very suitable for some calm wind men.

The suit of light coffee with white T and Tibetan blue nine -point trousers, the shape is very calm, so that the matching will not appear very serious, it will give people a easy -going attitude, plus a pair of brown suede loafers The overall style is full of elegance.


Create a classic black and white tone directly. The leisure of pants and shoes is stronger, so the effect will be more coordinated. Like cone nine -point trousers and sneakers, the shape can also show a fashionable style. This combination is also very comfortable to wear in spring.


Put the white T hem into the waist of the trousers


When matched with a jacket, the hem of the white T can boldly plug into the waist of the trousers. The overall proportion of this shape will be more outstanding. It may be that many partners think that the shape created by this process is a bit rigid. In fact, this shape will appear more neat.

And this matching method can be used in different styles, regardless of creating trendy models or calm shapes, it can make the shape more eye -catching.

When a white T is paired with khaki -colored pants, when the waistline is exposed, the overall visual ratio is significantly better. In poor partner pants, you can choose a middle -high waist version, which greatly improves the waistline. Make the shape ratio more outstanding.

Choose a pair of jeans


White T and jeans are also very classic combinations. The shape is versatile and fashionable. No matter what you are, you can wear your own charm. Of course, when choosing pants and white T, you must also choose according to your own characteristics. After all, the factors of the version have a great impact on the overall style.


The suede short jacket with white T and jeans, the shape shows a tough style, plus a pair of Chelsea boots as a whole, it is very atmospheric, and it is easy to make the male model.

This cone style with white T and G9 jackets shows the retro and fashionable style. With a pair of skate shoes, you can also wear youthful literary atmosphere. Therefore, you can use white T in spring, and the shape will be more fashionable. changeable.


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