American murder: On the day of suicide, she became a serial killer’s prey

After being tied away for 26 hours, can she still come back alive?

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At 2 am on November 3, 1984, Tampa, Tampa, Florida, USA.

A 17 -year -old girl was ride by bicycle to rush home. The night was already very deep, and there was no one over the street.


“Didi–” Suddenly, the sound of a car horn came behind the girl, which made her feel nervous, so she stepped on the pedal of the car closer to the roadside.

But the car behind her was still rang, and it took a while to drive.

The girl who returned to her alone was finally relieved. She slowed down and prepared to rest. But a car stopped by the road restored her nerves to tight -it seemed to be the car that just pressed her horn!

The doubtful girl, she was brave to stop the bicycle on the side of the road, ready to come forward to find out. At this time, a black shadow flashed from behind her and caught her.

She didn’t dare to turn her body, because her temple came with a coolness, which was a gun of a gun. She only knew that the cold atmosphere came from a strange man. And he was preparing to let himself sit in that car.

The experience of a girl is not accidental.

Beginning in May 1984, Tanpa City was murdered every month and was thrown away.

On May 12, the 20 -year -old strip dancer Long Shien (Laos) disappeared. The next day, her naked corpse was discovered, her body was tied with both hands, and a knotted rope was tied to her neck. She was strangled. Her lower body was still left with traces of human assault. What is even more creepy is that the legs of Long Shien’s body are open 5 feet away (about 152 cm), which looks like a word horse;

Two weeks later, on May 27th, the 22 -year -old prostitute Michelle Denise Simms was found. She was also killed after being raped. The bandage, her throat was cut off, and there were many trauma on her head;

On June 24th, the body of the 22 -year -old female worker Elizabeth B. Loudenback was found. Although she was well -dressed and her limbs were not tied, there were also traces of rape. In addition, her head was seriously traumatic. There is also a scar on the neck. When it was discovered, Elizabeth’s body was highly rotten and was thrown in a orchard …

Discover the victim’s corpse picture. Picture source: Reference materials [3]

In addition to the above three victims, 4 female corpses have been discovered one after another. They are also thrown on the corpse after being raped.

Some of the same characteristics found at each corpse scene confirmed that they were all harmed by the same person.

First of all, each scene is left with a tire print with completely the same lines. Second, all the victims have the same red fiber on the same type.

During this period, many women in the city suddenly disappeared, and the police could not confirm whether they had been killed.

For a while, the entire Tanpa City was shrouded in the shadow of this series of serial cases. Although the local police have collected a lot of physical evidence and have also investigated a lot of suspects, the detection of the case has not made breakthrough progress.

The major clues held by the police at that time were as follows:


The murderer should be a middle -aged white man, with AB blood (confirmed according to the hair, body fluid and other physical evidence left by the on -site), and has a tendency to sexually violence. He is extremely hateful to women, the killing methods are cruel, the cooling time of committing the crime is very short, and it is most likely to be a habit;



The murderer drove the crime and throw a corpse, but the specific model was not clear for the time being. The red fiber on the victim may come from the interior of the car;


The murderer tends to murder high -risk groups, but he will also wait for the opportunity to start alone. It can be seen that the type of target is not fixed, so it is extremely dangerous.

The night at the beginning of the article appeared behind the 17 -year -old girl Lisa Mcvey (Lisa Mcvey), it was the mysterious vehicle that had been at the scene of various murders.

Crime simulation map, suspect’s vehicle. Picture source: Reference materials [8]

Strangely, after Lisa’s disappearance, her guardian did not call the police as soon as possible. At that time, Lisa lived with her grandmother and grandmother’s boyfriend. What’s even more strange is that Lisa wrote a suicide note before disappearing, placed in the bedroom …

Does this girl know that she will meet the murderer?

That suicide was written by Lisa the night before being abducted, because her life at the time had been on the verge of collapse …

Before the age of 13, Lisa lived with her mother, and there was a younger brother at home. But since she remembered, her mother had to know only drinking to her sister and brother, and she only knew drinking all day. Because of her mother’s negligence, the 7 -year -old brother did not get care when he fell ill and died unfortunately.

Over time, the state of Lisa’s mother became worse, and her spirit also had serious problems. This made her young Lisa often live in fear, because she was always troubled after drinking. Her mother soon became. It was deprived of the custody of her daughter.

Lisa was sent to her grandmother’s house and began her life. But she did not expect that her life fell into another nightmare after changing the environment. The grandmother’s boyfriend (age is unknown, but it should be middle -aged and elderly) who lived with her grandparents not only often violence at her, but also took out the guns many times to threaten and violate her.

Lisa’s picture in the interview that year. Picture source: Reference materials [4]

Faced with all this, Lisa was unable to resist and did not dare to escape. She couldn’t find someone who could protect herself.

Faced with such despair torture, the 17 -year -old girl thought of dying.


But that night, the strange man brought Lisa’s despair more strong …


After Lisa was abducted, she knew that there was a gun in her hand. After she was taken into the car, she also found that the man hid a knife. If she is struggling or calling for help, she will be killed on the spot.

At the request of the man, Lisa took the initiative to blindly her eyes, and then she was tied to the co -pilot seat. In order to avoid being discovered, the man also placed the back of the chair deliberately. This set of operation shows that he is very old and proficient in all of this.

When lying on the disturbing seat, Lisa felt that she was dead. At this time, her heart was full of unwillingness and fear, and she realized that she didn’t want to end her life like this.


With the desire to survive, Lisa’s originally panic heart gradually calmed down. She was covered in the car and sat in the car, and kept observing everything she could see through the gaps of the eye mask.

Lisa found that the man seemed to be in the city aimlessly in the city. At about 3am in the morning, he stopped to go to an ATM machine to withdraw money.

Another hour later, Lisa was taken back to an apartment by him, where she was still asked to bring an eye mask. The man began to invade her unscrupulously.

That night, it was undoubtedly the dark moment of Lisa’s life. She couldn’t remember how many times she had been violated by the other party, and time passed a little bit in the man’s rude gasp.

The entire process of Lisa has been silently endured the humiliation without resistance. The disinfection water in the apartment reminded her: this is very dangerous!

The crime simulation map, Lisa was blindfolded. Picture source: Reference materials [1]

At that time, she had made the worst plan: if she was going to be killed, she must leave evidence to prove her identity.

Therefore, when Lisa cooperated with the other party obediently, she had been doing a small move in private: when she was forced to take a bath with the other party, she deliberately touched the bathroom and bathtub, leaving as much fingerprint as much as possible; when she endured in the apartment bed, she endured in the apartment bed During the torture, she quietly took off the card and put it in the drawer of the bedside table …

In addition to these, Lisa has been trying to appease the other party’s emotions and try to establish an equal communication with that man.

Fortunately, her efforts were very effective. At first, men were very rude to her. They often used swear words such as “bitch” to point her on behalf of her, but after Lisa met him in obediently, the man began to call her ” Baby “, even hugged and caressed Lisa.

“Can you tell me why you do this?” After seeing the other party put down the alert, Lisa began to chat with him.


“Because I got along with a woman before, I felt too uncomfortable.” The man’s answer gave Lisa inspiration.

“I think you are a good person, let me be your girlfriend. What you do here, I won’t tell others. Give me a chance to know you.” Lisa doesn’t know if her “confession” can Let the other party put down the alert, but she tried to awaken the human side in various ways.

Lisa lied that she was the only woman, and a sick father at home needed her to take care of her. She was very difficult to live. She begged the man not to hurt her.


After being abducted and violated for 26 hours, she waited for her vitality.

“I want to leave you, but I don’t know what to do with you. You go.” After saying these words, the man took Lisa into the car again. This was the first time he sent his prey away.

At that time, Lisa was still calm and calm, and she continued to observe all the details she could see from the gap of the eye mask.

When she managed to return home, the first thing that suffered was a scolding of her grandmother and boyfriend. The old man thought that Lisa was running away from home. After venting randomly, he began to question Lisa’s whereabouts. After listening to Lisa’s description, he did not believe her encounter, and even not allowed her to call the police.

But Lisa did not succeed his prostitution this time. In the face of the police inquiry, Lisa also showed very calmly. It was everything she tried to remember and did, so that the local police successfully cracked the clueless at that time. Supreme killing case.

“It is a red car with the word” Magnum “on the steering wheel (Magnum is one of the modified brands of Porsche Motors).”

“On the day of kidnapping me, he took the money on the ATM machine, and it was around 3 am.”

“When I sent me to leave the apartment, we passed a Hao Sheng motel, and then opened the inter -state highway.”


The murderer was positive. Picture source: Reference materials [3]

Based on these clues, the police quickly locked the qualified suspects and the only suspect. Because in that specific time period, the city’s ATM machine has only one person patronized, he is Robert Joe Lang.

There is a red Dodge car produced in 1987 under Robert’s name. Its steering wheel exactly the word “Magnum”!

The police quickly arrested Robert for kidnapping and rape. After that, they extracted relevant physical evidence and biological inspection materials from Lisa, further confirming that she had suffered the abduction and violations of Robert.

Facing the evidence and allegations of police, Robert quickly acknowledged his charges. And because the physical evidence provided by Lisa completely coincides with the physical evidence extracted on the female corpse of the victims before, the police are convinced that Robert is the serial murderer.

If Lisa did not escape from his hands, or did not observe everything he had encountered, and remembered all details, then more women would die under the palm of Robert.

In addition to these victims, Robert also acknowledged that as early as 1980 to 1983, he successfully positioned more than 50 housewives who published information through the “classification advertisement” in newspapers (in the early years, the role of the US newspaper advertising sector was similar Many people in the same city of paper, many people will publish information on recruitment, job hunting, leasing and other information on it). Then while they were alone at home, he broke in for rape, and sometimes robbed.

This series of rape cases were also very famous in the local area, which made many people panic. The media also called the criminals behind it as a “classified advertising rapist.” After receiving the report from several victims, the police had already found the criminal’s criminal and means, but it has not been arrested.

After frankly, Robert’s motivation to say crime is even more chilling:

“I have been retired and lost my job again. After divorce, I have time.”

After further investigation, the police restored Robert’s life trajectory of the demon.

In October 1953, Robert was born in Kenova, West Virginia. His genes determine his distinctiveness -he has an extra X chromosome.

After entering the adolescence, Robert’s chest was towering and laughed at, which caused him to confuse his gender for a time. Later, in order to return to normal, Robert underwent plastic surgery and removed 5 pounds of excess tissue from the chest.

And his relationship with his mother was even more puzzled by his gender. Before the age of 13, the mother and son had been sleeping in the same bed. What’s worse is that his mother’s life was chaotic during this period, and often brought different boyfriends home to spend the night, which made Robert, who was gradually sensible, dissatisfied.

It wasn’t until he went to high school and met his first girlfriend that he finally slept with his mother in bed.

In addition to congenital development abnormalities and chaotic family relationships, Robert’s head has suffered serious injuries many times, which may also be the cause of him from ordinary people to murderers.

At the age of 5, Robert fell off the autumn and lost his consciousness. One of his eyelids was pierced by a wooden stick;

At the age of 6, he fell off the bicycle, hit a stopped car, and fell off a few teeth and caused severe brain shocks;

At the age of 7, he fell off his back, and he felt dizzy and disgusting for a few weeks;


At the age of 21, Robert, who served in the army, had a serious car accident when driving a motorcycle. At that time, the motorcycles and helmets were broken, and his head was severely damaged again.

After the last injury, Robert discovered that his desire for sex was gradually getting out of control.

Shortly after the car accident, he married a high school girlfriend. Although the relationship between husband and wife with his wife twice a day, Robert still feels dissatisfied.

Photos of Robert and high school girlfriend got married. Picture source: Reference materials [6]

After retiring due to injuries, Robert had basically not been engaged in a serious job. He and his wife also gave birth to two children after marriage, and the pressure of life was increasing. After 6 years of marriage, his wife filed a divorce to him.

After that, Robert began a unscrupulous crime.

“As early as when I was injured and hospitalized, I thought about using a classified advertisement to commit crimes. It turns out that this method is indeed feasible.”

Robert raped more than 50 people crazy, but was not arrested. He tasted the sweetness of the crime, so he embarked on the road of no return. When he missed the first victim in May 1984, he could no longer stop …

On September 24, 1985, Robert was accused of raping more than 50 women and committed ten first -level murders to be sentenced to death.

On July 25, 1986, Robert was sent to an electric chair. At this point, the life of this devil has finally been painted. At that time, the surviving Lisa also came to witness the scene in person.


After experiencing the dark torture, Lisa gave up the idea of ​​suicide, and also gathered the courage to testify the boyfriend who had abuse and infringed his grandmother. The man was detained by the police.

After staying at a nightmare -like life, Lisa was trying to enter law enforcement agencies by trying to learn. Today, she has become a deputy police officer in the neighbor. In an interview, she described her choice and occupation in this way: “At that time, I was no longer confused by the 17 -year -old confusion. I understand that I want to defeat the darkness and must face it. Stay away from sin. “

The picture of Lisa interview. Picture source: Reference materials [4]

Lisa’s legendary encounter was later filmed as a documentary “Believe Me: The Story of Lisa Maxwell” (“Believe Me: The Lisa Mcvey Story”). People learn.

Although in our lives, there is a probability that we will not encounter the situation of confrontation with the murderer like Lisa, but each of us may encounter difficulties that look difficult to get rid of. For example, everyone is experiencing this period of time. epidemic.

At the end of 2019, the new crown pneumonia (COVID-19) began to spread nationwide. To this day, its threat to people has not diminished. In order to control the spread of the epidemic, the people of the country have spent the most deserted lunar calendar ever in history. A holiday that has the longest length, but it can’t go out at all.

In the environment of the whole people, many people have changed their psychological conditions, and they are drowned by various negative emotions.

Some of them will be angry, some will feel frustrated with all negative news, and some will fall into weakness and sadness … Especially in the current environment of various media in the environment of intensive attention, these emotions are fermented and amplified to varying degrees Words.

I want to say this,

We should learn the optimism and tenacity of Police Officer Lisa, and reasonably arrange the time of this self -isolation.

We can brush the drama and read the book to add the knowledge reserves. We can also sort out handbooks, albums, etc., and find our own sense of order. In addition, we should put down the mobile phone appropriately. In addition to avoiding a large amount of information, we can also enjoy this long snail house time with our family (try to find some self -entertainment projects, the whole family to participate, haha).


After spending this difficulty, we must be able to embrace a more beautiful spring together ~

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Today is Valentine’s Day, I believe countless couples who have been forced to go away must be very depressed. Finally, let’s have a relaxed topic. What are you most wanted to do after the epidemic? Leave a message to share your beautiful wishes!

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