Ten high -end game books of your wallet

In recent years, the hot development of the game in the e -sports market has developed rapidly. Compared with the desktop, the use of laptop computer is more flexible and convenient. It is the ultimate performance and better portability, so today I will recommend a few high -end games for you to buy reference.

01 ROG Fantasy 16

Reference price: 10999 yuan

Model configuration: 11th generation Intel Core 8 core i7-11800H 16G RTX3060 2K screen 165Hz P3 color gamut


On the body of ROG Fantasy 16, we can find the inheritance of the ROG classic, and we can also see a lot of innovation.


Continuing the dot -matrix design of the fantasy series, the classic elements of ROG can be seen everywhere, such as the nameplate of the A side, the function keys of the C side, the most smooth and delicate frosted fingers. Everything that can be achieved in a thin body can push the performance to the limit.

Although it is equipped with high -performance hardware, it is not difficult to see from the sinking shaft and Xiaoba design that is now serious and light. In the shell.

Fantasy 16 is another sincere work of ROG, high performance+light and large screen, plus ROG’s belief bonus, chop your hands!

02 Lenovo Savior R9000P 2021


Reference price: 12999 yuan

Model configuration: R7-5800H 32G memory 512G high-speed solid 2.5K 165Hz 100%SRGB

In addition to maintaining high -performance release of the hardware, the Lenovo Savior R9000P 2021 still maintains a high level of heat dissipation. Instead, the overall design does not deliberately increase the fuselage to seek better heat dissipation. Reach efficient heat dissipation.

Generally speaking, when many products are using the “Blood Blood Edition” graphics card without clear explanation, the Lenovo Savior Series has maintained a series of high levels of high levels of high performance. Users are the most worthwhile products. Everyone, I didn’t wait in vain!

03 Alien Alienware M15

Reference price: 13469 yuan

Model configuration: 8 -core i7 512G RTX3060 165Hz Cherry keyboard

Alienware M15 is a game book that is successfully slimming and retaining strong hardware performance, and even gives a refreshing feeling. Compared to other Alienware game books, the Alienware M15 gives a feeling of lighting into the battlefield. Even so, its hardware performance release is still strong enough to be unable to add, and the king’s gas spray out. Of course, it still has a choice for light and light design, but this does not prevent Alienware M15 an outstanding work in high -end gaming books.

04 ROG Magic Bully New Ruiner 2021 models

Reference price: 10499 yuan

Model configuration: ultra -frequency version 8 -core R9 5900HX 16G 512G RTX3060 13W

ROG Magic Harbor 2021 is equipped with 8 -core 16 -thread AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX processor. Based on the advanced Zen3 architecture, compared with the previous generation processor, the number of clock cycle instructions (IPC) can be achieved, and the performance of ROG performance With optimization, it can reach 80W performance release, pre -pre -overtime, squeeze performance, and maximize the powerful strength of this high -end processor. With NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 light chase card, supports NVIDIA Dynamic Boost2.0, which brings 130W sufficient performance output, can achieve higher special effects of the game at 1080P or higher resolution; and supports advanced real -time light track tracking and DLSS2. 0 deep learning sampling technology to create more realistic and natural light and shadow effects for players.

In addition to the powerful performance configuration, high -quality screens are also one of the most concerned configurations for players. The ROG Magic Dominer is equipped with an IPS gaming screen with a 300Hz refresh rate and 3MS response. Compared with the 60Hz display, the refresh rate is increased by about 5 times. And the operation delay is greatly reduced. Support Adaptive Sync synchronization technology, which can effectively eliminate the phenomenon of pearlings and tears. Especially in FPS games, players can control the rapidly changing battlefield dynamics at any time to win the game. It is worth mentioning that this screen is also covered with 100% SRGB wide color gamut and supports DC lighting technology. Whether it is playing games, watching dramas or work, the watching experience is very comfortable.

05 Thor 911zero

Model configuration: i7-11800H 16G 512GSSD RTX3070 165Hz 2.5K 140W


Thor’s Zero A face uses striped aesthetic design, the Thor Logo in the middle and the “ZERO” logo on one side. With a distinctive color matching, it can leave a deep impression. The design elements of the diamond -grained flower in the details are embellished with the body to interpret the connotation of technology and beauty.

In addition to its excellent appearance design and screen quality, Thor Zero also has many highlights. Thor Zero is equipped with the Intel 11th Generation Core i7-11800h eight-core sixteen thread processor. The high-main frequency+multi-core provides players with a smooth and stable game frame performance.

At the graphics card level, this product is equipped with the NVIDIA RTX 30 series independent display, with a maximum RTX 3080 independent display of 16GB Samsung GDDR6 video memory and reaching 150W high power design.

06 MSI charge tank GP76 game book

Reference price: 14599 yuan

Model configuration: 11th generation Core i7-11800h independent display directly/full blood RTX3070/16G memory/1T solid state


The charge tank 2 Pro GP76 is the backbone of the MSI game product. The positioning is very clear. Facing the mainstream popular game, it is equipped with a full -blood version of the RTX3070 independent display to ensure the smooth and stable number of the game frame. At the same time, the design is excellent to meet the requirements of young users’ face value.


Due to the full blood version of the RTX3070 and the direct connection of the graphics card, the Micro -Star charge tank 2 Pro GP76 can run “Killer 3” very smoothly. So in the near future, friends who also want to experience “Killer 3” will not make an error when choosing this Micro -Star charge tank 2 Pro GP76.

Taken together, RTX3070 full blood charge tank 2 Pro GP76 has quite strong product power. However, for players with limited budgets, it is also recommended to choose the configuration of the RTX306060 graphics card. The heat dissipation specifications are the same as that of the high -frequency version. It is also under pressure to face many 3A masterpieces. It is recommended to everyone.

07 Mechanical Revolution Titanium Titanium Plus

Reference price: 11499 yuan


Model configuration: i7-11800H 16G 512G RTX3070 2K

The Titanium Plus game that is equipped with GeForce RTX 3080 laptop GPU is the world as the performance king. The 165 -watt GPU power consumption even faces a new -generation graphics killer -level 3A masterpiece such as “Subway: Leaving Enhancement Edition” can run smoothly with special effects. Under the multiple blessings of Optimx rendering, CUDA ecology, and proprietary AI unit TensorCores, titanium Plus game instincts for a variety of use occasions, becoming an all -around learning and entertainment tool.

08 ASUS Tianxuan 2

Model configuration: R9-5900HX 16G 512G RTX3070 2.5K 165Hz 100%P3 wide color gamut

In terms of performance, the R9-5900HX processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 laptop GPU equipped with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 laptop GPU, which gives this high cost-effective game stronger comprehensive performance, also overcome the difficulty of “Light Pay Game”, making players players Can fully enjoy the shocking picture performance brought by the light chasing game at a high frame rate.

In terms of appearance, the overall design style of Tianxuan 2 has changed, bringing a refreshing feeling. Overall, if you like AMD+NVIDIA strong combination, ASUS Sky Selection 2 is still one of the best choices!


09 Acer Tomahawk 300

Model configuration: i7-11800H 16G 512GSSD RTX3070 140W

The predators Tomahawk 300 is suitable for fever -level gamers with high portable needs. It has excellent weight and size control, and the performance has not made any compromises. Tomahawk 300 can definitely meet all the expectations of such users.

10 HP Light and Shadow Elf 7Victus


Reference price: 9599 yuan

Model configuration: RTX3060/i7-11800H/144Hz

HP Light and Shadow Elf 7 is a game book with high value and good performance. The new mold with the white body provides a unique visual experience, a larger screen and a comprehensive upgraded hardware, which provides a better one that provides a better more outstanding. Game experience. It can be said that the HP Light and Shadow Elf 7 has trendy marks and gaming blood. For young players who are in parallel of life and games, they are very attractive.


Reference price: 10999 yuan

Reference price: 10999 yuan

Reference price: 10499 yuan

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