alert! Children’s climbing pads are exposed to exceed standards! How should parents choose?

Xinhuanet recently reported a news:

Ten children’s ground pads were detected, and the content of the six products of the 6 products exceeded the standard, which was as high as 17 times.

The content of the six places is exceeded the standard, which exceeds the 200 mg/kg specified in the standard of children’s floor mats. This over half of the exceeding standards make us very worried.

In fact, as early as 2015, the Jiangsu Quality Supervision Bureau (now the Jiangsu Market Supervision Bureau) issued a quality analysis report on the risk monitoring of children’s safety floor mats, and a series of random checks were conducted on the 120 batches of children’s floor mats on the market. CCTV also made special reports based on this.

At that time, there was a spot check


This indicator. Of the 120 batches of sampling, 46 batches of methalmamine content exceeded the reference Taiwan standard requirements, accounting for nearly 40%of the total spot check, and the content of 5 batches of products exceeded 1000mg/kg.

At that time, we also issued risk warnings on children’s floor mats. At that time, Dad’s evaluation had just been established a few months. Later, some conferences were invited to formulate such group label projects, but various reasons, this matter was not available in the end. Unexpectedly, in the past 5 years, the same problem appeared in front of us again.

About children’s ground pads

Children’s ground pads are actually climbing pads we often say.


The earliest originated in Japan. Due to the problem of living habits, Japan would sit habitually on the ground. Use land pads to avoid sitting on the floor or tiles to avoid direct cold. After the 1980s, it began to gradually enter the Chinese market.

With the popularization of ground pads and the improvement of technology, the children can become rich and cute children’s floor mats after printing. Children like it. In addition, its storage is easy to clean, and it is comfortable and soft. It is not easy for children to play on the mat. It is also the love of many parents.

At present, there are two types of stitching models and overall models on the market. The main materials are EVA, PE (such as EPE, XPE), PVC and other materials.

About methylide


It is a solvent, also called

Amino formaldehyde

It is often used as a reducing agent and industrial chemicals.

Add metamamide to foam plastic products, which can

Make plastic foaming, reduce production costs, increase the flexibility of plastic products, and make it difficult to break


Essence But it is the same as formaldehyde, there is one

Very slow and long -term

The process of volatilization.


According to the EU regulations EC No.1272/2008,

Thylide is classified as 1B of reproductive toxic substances, and its damage to children is irreversible.

Toxicology studies of methalms confirmed that the substance

It can be absorbed into the body through the respiratory tract, digestive tract, and skin and mucosa

; Animal tests show that animal nervous systems, vascular systems, and liver are damaged to varying degrees, which will reduce animal reproductive capabilities and childcare survival rates.

In addition, ammonia will also release ammonia when encountering high temperature,

The measurement meeting causes damage to the eyes and skin and mucous membranes.

The European Chemical Administration has included methalmamine in the list of SVHC-SUBSTANCES of Very High Concern.

How to distinguish between climbing pads of different materials

There are many materials for climbing pads. We have summarized a form, everyone can take a look.

Originally EVA, PE and other materials were safe, because foaming agents were added during the subsequent foaming process, which caused a large amount of metharide. The climbing pads such as XPE and other PE materials do not need to use foaming agents such as methylide during the foaming process. If you find that there are more metamam, it is basically EVA material.


How to distinguish EVA and PE materials? Teach you a small way to discern the naked eye.



Can be based on each cushion


Cross section


The pores are small and more compact, generally EVA material.

The middle layer of the cushion is white, and the pores are large, generally PE material.

The overall model can be judged according to the product details page and the actual photos in the comments, and it can also be confirmed with the merchant.

At present, the overall climbing pads are mostly material on the market.


How should parents choose a climbing pad

If the problem occurs, you must find a way to solve it.

Here are some suggestions for choosing and use of climbing pads, hoping to help everyone.

Try to select the climbing pads of PE materials such as XPE and EPE, and the color is mainly plain.

If you have a baby with a mouthful, try not to choose the splicing model.

If you accidentally buy an EVA material climbing pad, it is recommended to dry it outdoors for about a week to promote the volatilization of methylide and reduce its content.


If the product details page or instructions indicate that the material is foam, the probability is the EVA material. It is recommended to communicate with the merchant in advance.

If the film climbing the surface of the cushion is severely damaged, it is recommended to replace it in time.

The selection of large foam building block toys can also refer to the above 5 points.


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