The practice of cucumber skin care cucumber mask

Cucumber can be described as a kind of low price


黄瓜护肤 黄瓜面膜的做法

Eating cucumber can clear heat and detoxify, and can also play a beauty and skin care


Essence Cucumbers are rich in vitamins, which can provide nutrients for our skin, delay aging, reduce the emergence of wrinkles. It contains an active biological enzyme, which can also promote blood circulation, promote the body’s metabolism, and play a moisturizing effect. In addition, the glycolic acid substances contained in cucumber can inhibit the transformation of sugar substances into fat and play a effect of weight loss. So cucumber for cucumber


It is a very good food. The following introduces the method of skin care with cucumber.

Cucumber skin care tip

Many women see that cucumber can skin care on the Internet, and buy cucumbers directly, wash and slices, but experts point out that this approach is not desirable. After slice it with fresh cucumber, there will be a sticky material on the surface of the slices. If you apply it directly to your face, you will not only have the effect of skin care, but you will make your frontal skin dry and tight. Experts believe that cucumber is rich in moisture, and it is indeed a skin care effect, but it is not advisable to apply the face to the face. To make cucumber the effect of skin care. Faces, such as honey, milk, etc.

Cucumber mask

1. Cucumber


Facial mask

Material: one egg, one cucumber, a little flour

Method: Wash the cucumber, break it with a juice machine, break the eggs and take the protein, mix the two, add a little flour, adjust it into a paste, and then apply it to the washed face. The remaining masks can be applied to the neck, arms, shoulders, etc.

Efficacy: The cucumber egg mask has the effect of repairing after the sun, which is most suitable for the sun after sunlight. It can moisturize and whiten.

2. Cucumber pearl mask

Material: Cucumber, pearl powder (or flour)

Method: Wash the juice with cucumber, adjust the appropriate amount of pearl powder, apply it on the face, cover the plastic wrap (eye, nose, mouth to be emptied and breathable), apply it for 15 minutes, and wash with water.

Efficacy: moisturizing.

3. Cucumber acne mask

Ingredients: cucumber, lemon, orange, honey

Method: peel the lemon and orange, wash the cucumber, put the juicer squeezed the juicer together, adjust the appropriate amount of honey, mix well, apply the face, and wash it after 15 minutes.

Efficacy: whitening, moisturizing, anti -wrinkle, acne.

4. Cucumber wine mask

Ingredients: vodka, cucumber, glycerin

Method: Wash the cucumber and shred it, pour in vodka, and put it for 2 weeks to put it in a cool place. After 2 weeks, take out the cucumber shreds, leave cucumber wine, pour the same proportion of glycerin and water, mix it and apply it on the face, and wash it after 30 minutes.

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