Is the cultivation of scutellaria crickets really taking contraceptive pills to fertilize? Do we dare to eat?

Recently, I saw that some people on the Internet said that Huang Yan used contraceptives to urge fertilizer, and not only circulated in the recent period. It seems that there is an article that has a long time ago with the pills of Huangya contraceptives. Or is it during the breeding process of scutellaria cricket?


Someone does use contraceptives to fertilize

In the 1970s, there were many aquaculture aquaculture in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. At that time What do hormones do?

① Improve animal production rate: Many drugs for hormones do have actually transformed protein homogeneity, which improves the production speed of animal aquatic products.

② Control the gender of aquatic products: Luo Feiyu’s male has doubled faster than female growth, so many farmers still like to breed male and do not want to females.

However, we found that there are a lot of residues added to the feed, which seriously affects people’s health. Therefore, considering the reasons for this, our country has prohibited to add hormones to the feed in the 1990s. It is the case until now.

So is anyone used now?

Our country’s control of hormone drugs is becoming more and more stringent, so as long as large feed factories are now, it must abide by this rule. If there is a problem, it is serious.


In addition, it is not reliable to use contraceptives to improve the proportion of male and female on the scutellaria cricket, because the yellow cricket is a male and female animal. When the female is born, it slowly becomes male. Using contraceptives, the time of females will be greatly extended, which will suppress the growth rate from another aspect. Do you have to lose money? Therefore, don’t worry, it is impossible to use contraceptives without using contraceptives.


As far as I know, in addition to the cattle and individual sheep, some people sneak in use hormone additive feed, other chickens, ducks and geese are basically not, because poultry and pig breeding, feed formula and variety cultivation technology are already the pinnacle. The pinnacle.

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