Love “colorful” camellia, one tree and five colors, colorful color Sai Peony

The “Five -color Chidan” camellia with no resistance

The biggest charm of “Five -color Chidan” is the biggest charm. The color of the camellia on the same trees, some are red, all powder, all white, some of them are semi -pink and semi -red, foundation red block, and semi -white and semi -red. It can almost be achieved.


“Five -color Chidan” camellia, because the genetic character is not very stable, not only the color is varied, but even the pattern is not consistent. There are peony type, rose, rose type, and the models are very elegant and high -level. The number of petals is large, thick and full, and it is so beautiful that people have no resistance.


“Five -color Chidan” camellia, generally giving birth to flower buds from summer, and the buds gradually became full in early December. The Spring Festival ushered in the pop -up period, and it has been blooming until the end of the spring.

Because of the unstable traits. Every year, “Five -color Chidan” camellia, before blooming, do not know what color will be opened. It is just like a “blind box”. The colorful color is changeable, and it can always surprise you as soon as blossoming.

How to raise “Five -color Chidan” camellia? Blooming and beautiful


Buy the “Five -color Chidan” camellia at home, it is recommended to pour water first. Then put it in a cool place to slow the seedlings.

It likes a warm environment, suitable for flowering temperatures around 20 degrees. So when we raise it, we cannot let the temperature at home below 10 degrees. It’s too cold, it is easy to cause slow flowering and easy to drop the buds.


Because it is about to bloom, it is recommended to put it in a sunny place. At least 6 hours of light can be accepted.


Five -color Chidan likes a moist environment, but is afraid of water. So pay attention to watering. If there is heating at home, basically pour water twice a week.

Take the “Five -color Chidan” camellia home, if the buds are already colorful, do not fertilize. If it is not yet colorful, it is recommended to apply Huaoduo to the speed 2 speed, and it is recommended to apply it every half a month. After the loss of all the time, you can add Ao Green to slowly release fertilizer and restore the fertility of potting soil.

Camellia at this stage, the indoor air is dry again, and do not spray water on the buds. Water spraying is easy to cause, the surrounding environment of the buds is too moist, and the buds are easy to rot and fall off. If you want to increase the humidity, you can spray water around the ground around the five -color Chidan, or put a humidifier around.

If you want to raise tea,


It is recommended to raise a pot of “five -color red dan” camellia.


The flowers bloom are big and beautiful, and the peony

Each color does not have heavy samples.


It’s so beautiful.

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